Post Doctoral position, Faculty of Life Sciences

Post Doctoral position

Faculty of Life Sciences

Post Doctoral position

Faculty of Life Sciences

2 post-Doctoral position

In The interface mellom molecular plant biology, plant nutrition and Analytical Chemistry

Two postdoctoral fellowships finns for highly Motivated kandidater to The Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen. The position of två år er, starting a st March 2011, med Possibility of carry-over for one year.


Formålet projektet er udvikle en ny generation af Sensitive and Accurate tools for screening of nutritionally related disorders in barley and maize plants based on the bio-active pool of micronutrients. In addition, vi ønsker demonstrate proof-of-concept by dissecting the highly complex genetic trait of manganese use efficiency in barley and maize hallinto Physiological key processer city use of cutting-edge analytiske techniques for analysis of the protein composition of chloroplast. Endelig vi ønsker link Physiological markers for micronutrient status med genetic map of barley and maize through analysis of major quantitative trait loci (QTLs determining resis) and candidate genes.

Job description

Both positioning kommer inom Physiological and Biochemical Characterization of chloroplast in crop plants Suffering from micronutrient deficiency. Initial arbejde bliver opført on lines of winter barley Displaying a pronounced variation med respektafstand two manganese use efficiency. A range of photosynthetic parameters bliver Measured Using fluorescence, non-photo chemical quenching and isolation of Pigments of the xanthophylls cycle by HPLC. A Major Effort bliver udforskende proteomics on chloroplast protein anvende modern proteomics technologies. Laser ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry ska användas two quantify proteins in a multiplexed set-up anvende actinides elemental tagged Antibodies raised against a large pool of chloroplast proteins.

Both positions are Attached til DSF-funded project ret: Improved Agricultural Sustainability anvende molecular strategier two optimiser nutrient use efficiency in Cereals (NUTRIEFFICIENT) som Carried out jointly mellom Photosynthesis group to the Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology and the Plant Nutrition Group at Department of Agriculture and Ecology.


The Applicants ska hold a PhD degree in molecular plant biology, plant nutrition or equivalent med erfaring photosynthesis and micronutrients. The Applicants er forventes have a strong background in protein biochemistry or Analytical Chemistry med erfaring Characterization of chloroplast proteins or atomic spectrometry. The forskning vil confirm Mainly Focused on the molecular response of the chloroplast two changes in micronutrient availability. Apart from research, the candidate kommer också forventes deltager in supervision of international PhD students, Laboratory Organization and Coordination of projects.Applicants med strong sense of Commitment to the progressions of the forskningsprojekt og med Proficient scientific communication skills bliver favored. Both kandidater er beräknas være enterprising and two possess good inter-personal skills two workshops effektivt på laboratory and two make positive bidrag til atmosphere innenfor group. Fluency in spoken and Written English is mandatory.

Terms of Employment

The posts filled kommer enligt den Agreement mellom Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The post is covered by the Protocol on Job Structure.

The University of Copenhagen Wishes two spegla diversity of society and welcome applications from all qualified kandidater vedrørende less of personal background.


For yderligere information om mail, please contact Professor Jan K. Schjørring (+4535333495; [email protected]. com), Professor Poul Erik Jensen (+4535333340; [email protected] . uk) or Professor Søren Husted (+4535333498 ; [email protected] . com)


The application ska framlagt email som pdf file . Varje må følgende include appendices market med Det appendix numbers:

Appendix 1: Curriculum Vitae med documentation of education (copies of MS and BS Diploma) and publication list according muligt.

Appendix 2: Transcript of university examinations (både MS and BS) in English or Danish.

Appendix 3: Contact Information of Two person for reference.

Appendix 4 A description of tidligere scientific work (max. 2 pages)

Foruden the drugstore the lawyers Wishes være included in the assessment, the Assessment Committee May include yderligere materials in sina assessment of the sag. In Circumstances slik er det ansvarar of the applicant, on request, send the two drugstore til committee.

An Assessment Committee vil vurdere the applications. The lawyers bliver Notified of the composition of the committee. Varje lawyers får del av den att evaluation concerns here / sky. The main Criterion for selection bliver research potential of the lawyers.

Efter processing of the application, eventuelle application materials late bliver destroyed.

Receipt of the application vil ikke acknowledged, men den blir lawyers kontinuerligt Kept Informed of the progress of the application.

The lawyers bliver Assessed enligt den Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Executive Order no 284 of 25 April 2008.

The application, market 621-361 ska emailed two [email protected] , hvor skal IT modtog Illustration 20 February 2011 to 12:00 noon . Ansøgningsskema email herunder all appendices ska copied two[email protected] . The subject line of the email ska som følger: ‘NUTRIEFFICIENT’. Applications modtog efter closing date for applications vil ikke Considered.

The Faculty of Life Sciences is one of Europe’s Leading university environments på områder of food, health, plants, biotechnology, natural resources, the environment and related academic områder.

Our research and degree programmer er centered on knowledge og værktøjer som kan help secure a brighter future for human, animals and plants.

Read more about The Faculty of Life Sciences to .

Number of vacancies:

Workplace location:
Frederiksberg, Hovedstaden, Zealand and Bornholm

Comments on the application
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