Past Papers – Agriculture Officer/Farm Manager/Cotton Inspector (2006-2008)


1) Ploidy level of maize plant is:
a) Diploid
b) Tetraploid
c) Hexaploid
d) None of these

2) Dajal is a breed of:
a) Milking animal
b) Draft animal
c) Pet animal
d) None of these

3) Seed cotton means:
a) Lint only
b) Seed without lint
c) Seed with lint
d) None of these

4) Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium provides basis for study of:
a) Population Genetics
b) Genetic Engineering
c) Biometrical Genetics
d) Mendelian Genetics

5) Maize plant has its origin in:
a) Russia
b) Africa
c) Middle East
d) America

6) Olericulture is the study dealing with:
a) Silk worm
b) Vegetable production
c) Honey bees
d) Ornamental flowers

7) Gypsum is a rich source of:
a) Calcium + zinc
b) Calcium + Potassium
c) Calcium + sulphur
d) Calcium + nitrogen

8) Banana fruit is classified in the category of:
a) Berry
b) Pomes
c) Sorosis
d) None of these

9) True potato seed is the:
a) Potato tuber used for propagation
b) Any plant part used for potato propagation
c) Seed developed within the fruit of potato
d) None of these

10) Eragate are the types of insects which are:
a) Workers in honey bee
b) Biting
c) Workers in the species of ant
d) None of these

11) “CIMMYT” is an organization working for the improvement of:
a) Rice and cotton
b) Pulses and oilseeds
c) Dryland Agriculture
d) Wheat and maize

12) In various plant metabolic processes “PPP” stand for:
a) Plant Protection Procedures
b) Produce Per Plant
c) Pentose Phosphate Pathway
d) None of these

13) Arachnids are the arthropods with:
a) Single pair of leg
b) Two pairs of legs
c) Three pairs of legs
d) Four pairs of legs

14) Sericulture means:
a) Rearing of honey bees
b) Rearing silk worms
c) Both (a) and (b)
d) None of these

15) The cotton species providing main raw material for textile industry is:
a) Gossypium hirsutum (Please confirm it)
b) Gossypium arboreum
c) Gossypium thurberii
d) None os these

16) Inbred lines are developed through selection and inbreeding in:
a) Self pollinated crops
b) Cross pollinated crops
c) Asexually propagated crops
d) None of these

17) Safflower is:
a) An ornamental plant
b) Oil producing plant
c) Leguminous
d) Fibre producing plant

18) Continuous selfing in cross pollinated:
a) Improvment in yield
b) Poor in performance
c) Growth in vegetative parts
d) None of these

19) Soil structure can be improved with addition of:
a) Organic matter
b) Chemical fertilizers
c) Gypsum
d) None of these

20) Synapsis of chromosomes occurs between:
a) Sister chromatids
b) Homologous chromosomes
c) Non homologous
d) None of these


(1) Mechanism in which the product of metabolic pathway inhibits an enzyme catalyzing an early step is called:
(a) Early inhibition
(b) Metabolic inhibition
(c) Feed back inhibition
(d) None of these

(2) The most suitable part of the plant for the study of Meiosis is:
(a) Young bud
(b) Anther (Please confirm it)
(c) Root tip
(d) Shoot apex

(3) The shrinkage of protoplasm due to osmosis of water from the cell is known as:
(a) Hydrolysis
(b) Endomosis
(c) Dehydration
(d) Plasmolysis

(4) The most abundant compound in nature is:
(a) Starch
(b) Protein
(c) Cellulose
(d) All of these

(5) Antibiotics are produced by the:
(a) Plants
(b) Microorganisms
(c) Animals
(d) All of these

(6) The amino acids which cannot be synthesized by the mammals are called:
(a) Basic amino acids
(b) Non-essential amino acids
(c) Essential amino acids
(d) Non-Polar amino acids

(7) Quantitative traits are measurable traits that show:
(a) Discontinuous variation
(b) Continuous variation
(c) Phenotypic
(d) None of these

(8) The process of programmed cell death is called:
(a) Apoptosis
(b) Necrosis
(c) Degeneration
(d) Both (a) and (b)

(9) Genetic material of an organism changes with:
(a) Age
(b) Environmental change
(c) Nutritional change
(d) None of these

(10) Economically important Genetic traits in plants are influenced by the environment because these are:
(a) Cytoplasmically inherited traits
(b) Monogenic traits
(c) Polygenic traits
(d) None of these

(11) Only plant cells contains:
(a) Plasma membrane
(b) Mitochondria
(c) Chloroplasts
(d) Nucleolus

(12) The accumulation of CO2 in large quantities in the atmosphere causes the problem of:
(a) Air pollution
(b) Over cooling of atmosphere
(c) Degradation of Biodiversity
(d) Green house effect

(13) The ovary in plants matures into:
(a) Fruit
(b) Seed
(c) Endosperm
(d) Embryo

(14) The first step in Photosynthesis is:
(a) Excitation chlorophyll electron
(b) Photolysis of water
(c) Formation of NADPH2
(d) Formation of ATP

(15) Which one of the following is nonrenewable resource?
(a) Wildlife
(b) Biodiversity
(c) Fossil Fuel
(d) Forest

(16) A plant disease caused by bacteria is called:
(a) Loose smut
(b) Crown gall
(c) Leaf rust
(d) Powdery Mildew

(17) Enzymes are chemically:
(a) Carbohydrates
(b) Lipids
(c) Proteins
(d) None of these

(18) Genes determine:
(a) The sex of a baby
(b) A phenotypic character
(c) Synthesis of a Polypeptide
(d) All of these

(19) “It is the outmost layer of the animal cell, it is thin, delicate, elastic, and capable of self repair.” The statement is true for:
(a) Cell wall
(b) Cell membrane
(c) Middle Lamella
(d) Nuclear membrane

(20) Biotechnology refers to:
(a) Manipulation of Genes
(b) Cheese Making
(c) Manipulation of Biological Systems
(d) All of these


(1) The share of livestock in agricultural growth has jumped from 25.3% in 1996 to ________ in 2006:
(a) 35%
(b) 45%
(c) 49.6%
(d) None of these

(2) Of the total forest area of Pakistan, commercial forests cover:
(a) 16%
(b) 20%
(c) 33%
(d) None of these (Please confirm it)

(3) To decrease water loss during transmission, a mega project for lining of water courses and canals was launched in 2004-05 with a cost of Rs ____:
(a) 66 billion
(b) 75 billion
(c) 150 billion
(d) None of these

(4) A condition when there is excessive produce in the market which lowers down price is:
(a) Perfect market
(b) Imperfect market
(c) Market glut
(d) None of these

(5) Total amount allocated by the Government for agriculture credit disbursement is Rs. ______:
(a) 160 billion
(b) 180 billion
(c) 280 billion
(d) None of these

(6) The estimated production of sugarcane for the year 2006-07 is ____ million tons:
(a) 44.8%
(b) 54.8%
(c) 64.8%
(d) None of these

(7) Increased vigour growth of a hybrid over parents is called:
(a) Heterosis
(b) Heterozygous
(c) Hybridization
(d) None of these

(8) Cropping pattern in which the second crop is started amidst the first crop before it has been harvested is called:
(a) Relay cropping
(b) Multiple cropping
(c) Double cropping
(d) None of these

(9) Time factor of cold days needed by certain plants to produce a bud:
(a) Vernalization
(b) Dormancy
(c) Bloom factor
(d) None of these

(10) A natural dropping of leaves, flowers and other plant parts is called:
(a) Abscission
(b) Fall
(c) Abortive
(d) None of these

(11) ICRISAT is located in:
(a) China
(b) India
(c) Mexico
(d) None of these

(12) Mites are arthopods in class:
(a) Insecta
(b) Diplopoda
(c) Chordata
(d) None of these

(13) Flax is:
(a) Ornamental plant
(b) Oil producing plant
(c) Fibre producing plant
(d) None of these

(14) Plants having flowers of only one sex are:
(a) Dioecious
(b) Monoecious
(c) Monogamy
(d) None of these

(15) Area which can be economially irrigated by an irrigation system is called:
(a) Command area
(b) Catchment area
(c) Watershed
(d) None of these

(16) A group of plants having identical genetic makeup from a single parent is called:
(a) Clone
(b) Race
(c) Tribe
(d) None of these

(17) C.E.C stands for:
(a) Cation Exchange Capacity
(b) Calcium Exchange Capacity
(c) Carbon Enriched Compounds
(d) None of these

(18) Breakdown of nitrate and nitrite by bacteria in an anaerobic condition is called:
(a) Denitrification
(b) Mineralization
(c) Immobilization
(d) None of these

(19) Best root stock of citrus in Punjab is:
(a) Jhatti khatti
(b) Rough lemon
(c) Sour orange
(d) None of these

(20) The expectation of occurence of a particular event is called:
(a) Probability
(b) Replication
(c) Convergence
(d) None of these

Saad Ur Rehman Saadi
Saad Ur Rehman Saadi

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