MCQs from PPSC test for Agriculture officer

1-Sugarcane pyrilla is?
2 – which is approved variety of sugar cane?
3- hybrid variety of maize?
4- hysun 33 is variety of ?
5-hydrometer is used for?
6- purpuse of farm manegement is?
7- magzine by agriculture department?
8- num of agriculture helplines?
9- approved variety of wheat for barani areas?
10 – program on aired by radio pakistan for farmers
11- best suited irrigation for orchards?
Guava is propagated by?
12 – Crysanthemum is vegetatively propagated by?
13- safe moisture content of wheat?
14- safe moisture content of rice?
15- rearing of honeybees?
16- study of ornamental plants?
17- study of fruits?
18- cultivation of grapes is called?
19- best type of irrigation?
20- seed rate of wheat?
21- seed rate of cotton?
22- seed rate of hybrid variety of sunflower perhaps
23- leguminous plants provide what element?
24-which is the not oil seed crop?
25- which are cereals crops?
26- which crops require less water?
27- laggards are at which rank to adopt innovation
28- procedure denonstration and result demonstration shows?
29- T& V approach involves?
30- world food day?
31- WTO was established in?
32- diffusion and adoption are part of ? (not sure how was the exact MCQ)
33- Purpose of Mulching is ?
34- Fly related to cotton plant?
35- Aphid attack is increasing to which crops recently
36- which seed can be used by farmers and selk in market?
37- certified seed can be produced from?
38- what type of harvesting can be done to produce seed from a crop?
39- IPM aims at?
40- IPM involves use of?
41- Powdery mildew is caused by?
42- Basic problem in production of new variety of potato?
43- Ear and —- disease is the disease of?
44- Cultivation of rice is not allowed before?
45- which variety is banned for cultivation and propagation?
46- which is cultivated in trenches?
47- benefit of trench farming?
48-to solve and emerging problem which is the efficiant method?
49- which crop is sown in between harvesting of two crops?
50- percentage of nitrogen in NPK(or perhaps any other fertillizer)
51- dinitrification is more problematic in which type of soil?


1. Sucking
2. CPF 249
3. None ( it is FH 1046..But given in paper FH 1046)
4. Sunflower
5. Soil texture
6. All
7. Zarat nama
8. Both ( 0800-15000+29000)
9. Fateh jung
10. Hull Waghde ren
11. Drip
12. Seed
13. Suckers
14. 14
15. Apiculture
16. Floriculture+ Landscape
17. Pomology
18. Viticulture
19. Drip+Sprinkler
20. 50-60
21. 6-8kg/acre
22. 2.5kg
23. Nitrogen
24. Bean
25. Both ( wheat+millet)
26. Option yaad nae
27. Last
28. Show comparisons of innovations
29. Farmer
30. 16th Oct
31. 1995
33. Both ( weed control+moisture)
34. Whitefly
35. Wheat
36. Certified seed
37. Options nae yaad
38. Manually ( to avoid mixing)
39. All
40. To keep pest below ETL
41. Fungus
42. Virus problem
43. Sorgham
44. 20th May
45. Kashmiri
46. Sugarcane
47. Yeh question nae tha..
49. Its Catch crop for time adjustment
50. 46%
51. Waterlogged soil


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