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Fertilizer Industry

Fertilizers available in Pakistan


The sources of fertilizer supply in Pakistan are domestic production and imports. Those manufactured locally include urea, calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN) and ammonium sulphate (AS) as straight nitrogen fertilizers. Single superphosphate is the only straight phosphate fertilizer and nitrophos is NP, a complex fertilizer. All other fertilizers are imported. Recently …

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ROLE OF EARTHWORMS IN IMPROVING SOIL FERTILITY    Mukhtiar khatoon solangia, Sardar khatoon solangib, Sheeraz aleem brohic    Department of Soil Science, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam  Institute of Plant Sciences, University of Sindh, Jamshoro  Department of Land and Water Management, Sindh Agriculture University, Tandojam    mukhtiar.khatoon@yahoo.com, sardarkhatoon807@yahoo.com, Sheerazbrohi16@gmail.com      The fertility of a soil can be defined as its capacity to produce crops and is dependent …

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Role of Arthropods in Soil Fertility

Role of Arthropods in Soil Fertility Arthropods which are divided into macro, meso and microbial, can’t be seen with naked eye but play a key role in soil fertility, soil structure and soil texture by their activity. Ants and termites enhance the soil abilities to ensure water holding capacity, water …

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Phosphorous Dynamics in salt-affected soils and its Management 

Phosphorous Dynamics in salt-affected soils and its Management Ayesha Irum and Muhammad Ehetisham-ul-Haq   Sustainable agriculture depends on efficient consumption of nutrients to avoid nutrient losses. Since last 4 decades; latest production technology has been adopted by farmers to maximize their profit by producing crops only but not quality crops. According to an estimate, one in nine and total 805 …

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SOIL SAMPLING-AN INDEX TO SOIL FERTILITY (Muhammad Tayyab*, Muhammad Nasir, Hafiz Muhammad Arslan Abid, Sajjad Manzoor) University of Agriculture Faisalabad *agrariantayyab@gmail.com   A soil sample consists of different sub soil samples which are collected from different locations and depths of the same having same crops history and other management practices. …

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Significance of Soil pH

                                          Significance of Soil pH Soil pH It is defined as the -ve log of the hydrogen ion activity of a soil. pH       =          – log (H+) pH                        1     (H+) Where (H+) represents the hydrogen ion activity in mol L-1. The pH scale is the logarithm to …

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Basic Processes of Soil Formation

                               Basic Processes of Soil Formation During soil formation, the unconsolidated weathered material under goes many changes. These changes are brought about by variations in the four-basic soil forming processes. These four basic processes often referred as soil forming or Pedogenic processes. They are responsible of soil formation under all …

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