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Nutritional facts and findings of Figs

Dr. Muhammad Saeed, Iqra Yasmin and Talha Anjum National Institute of Food Science & Technology, University of Agriculture Faisalabad Description The biological name of fig is Ficus carica & it belongs to Mulberry family. It is also known as Higo in Spanish, Dumoor in Bengali, Figue in French, Anjir in Hindi, …

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Importance of water for human life.

(Written by:   Khadija Tehseen Arshad) Water is considered as the most important substance on earth for every living thing either it is plant , animals or human beings, water considered as the base of life. All the living thing required water for their survival. If there is no water on …

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Transformational responses to climate change

: a systems perspective of social change in mitigation and adaptation   There is a growing imperative for responses to climate change to go beyond incremental adjustments, aiming instead for society-wide transformation. In this context, sociotechnical (ST) transitions and social–ecological (SE) resilience are two prominent normative agendas. Reviewing these literatures …

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