Promising Aspects of Organic Farming in a Country like Pakistan.


Pakistan ranks among one of those countries which almost depends on their agriculture sector. 70% of the Pakistani population is either directly or indirectly connected to the agriculture sector. It contributes 21.4% in the GDP of the Pakistan and according to survey 45% of the rural population is directly depends on Agriculture to make their both ends meet. Pakistani lands are thought to be the suitable and fertile for every crop being grown in here. Our breeders are dedicated to hand over the verities with the maximum yield production so that the famer may earn more. This surplus production is often exported to earn some foreign exchange. But now a day a trend of using synthetic fertilizers is established to enhance the productive abilities of soil. If we have a glimpse of the inputs and raw material used by fertilizer and insecticidal industry we goanna get shocked by a bitter fact that in Punjab more than 50% of the Gas is provided to the fertilizer industry. In such a country where all the nation is being deprived of natural resources like Coal and Gas we need to think out of the box. Moreover the abundance of insecticides and fertilizers can be brought to light merely giving an example that if you eat an apple freshly picked from a garden you are consuming more than 20 different kinds of insecticides in you. In this predicament we need to focus towards a way out of synthetic inputs. Organic farming seems to be quite promising in this regard. National institute of Organic farming seems to be a mile stone in this journey. It was established in 2008 and currently focusing to promote the Organic farming in Pakistan. More than 100 countries are now involved in this chain and according to survey more or less 25 million hectares are being cultivated with organic farming. Different vegetables and agronomic crops like Organic rice is one of the best examples set to promote the organic farming. In short considering the health issues, resources, and depleting natural resources organic farming is surely the trendsetting technique.

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1 Hamza Bin Riaz

BSc(Hons) Soil and environmental sciences

University College of Agriculture’ University of Sargodha

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2 Ubaidullah

Msc(Hons) Agri. Entomology

University College of Agriculture’ University of Sargodha

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