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Transformational responses to climate change: a systems perspective of social change in mitigation and adaptation

There is a growing imperative for responses to climate change to go beyond incremental adjustments, aiming instead for society-wide transformation. In this context, sociotechnical (ST) transitions and social–ecological (SE) resilience are two prominent normative agendas. Reviewing these literatures reveals how both share a complex-systems epistemology with inherent limitations, often producing …

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Air masses and how they Affect the weather

Introduction: Air masses are the huge body (bubbles) of air whose specific properties of humidity, temperature at any latitude are homogeneous in any direction around the global. The term ‘air mass’ was introduced some 70 years ago by Norwegian meteorologists from Bergen, Norway. Air are not similar everywhere around the …

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Increasing role of agribusiness in farm economics

Agriculture is considered the backbone of our national economy. Pakistan’s agriculture contributes approximately 20.8 per cent of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), provides a large scale employment and fulfills the food and nutritional requirements of the nation. It provides important raw materials for some major industries. Pakistani agriculture faces …

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Power of social media

Wonder that you are in a public place and became aware that a man nearby is anxiously squiggling in his laptop, an unkempt outrageous madly writing as if the future of the world depended on his accumulate annotations? Yes, that was me by the way. Not being the curious observer. …

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