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Wonder that you are in a public place and became aware that a man nearby is anxiously squiggling in his laptop, an unkempt outrageous madly writing as if the future of the world depended on his accumulate annotations? Yes, that was me by the way. Not being the curious observer. I was the outrageous. Besides, I was amazed to see a community building up on a money collection cause for some cancer infected old lady in town. Her son is a respected member of our community, he is engaged in many social activities groups to which I am associated and is renowned by almost everyone from the society. 
Nevertheless seems like everybody else I got wind of the message for the time too; her son was having difficulty getting the money gathered for her operation. After a quick roundup of tweets and posts at facebook, I wrote up a quick note and broadcast on my social media accounts for which I was sure to get many people likes and comments on it. So what does it actually imply to is the fact that within tiny hours the message was flooded like in whole town and he got the consent from many guys in the community to help him in her mother operation, and if this was a traditional way like generating messages on cable channels or giving a post in newspaper it would have slowed down the process. I was lunatic at certain seeing this community building up in this social media era.
I am not confident how to measure a community today. Before social media, I could have counted up business cards in my wallet and friends in my handwritten address book. But, no more! With electronic communications, my community may be infinite.
All I need to form a new community for my personal or an altruistic cause is just a “#- Tag” at Twitter and I am going to be surrounded by a pool of people with same thought and passion. Wow! Is’nt that amazing? 
The term that we use for this new era of world is “social media era” – elaborated as a period where group of people can have the greatest impact. It was not like this a decade ago, what is different, however, are the digital methods that are now available, and rapid speed that can occur revolution and the distraction that is the revival of the media landscape , which makes it possible to have a greater impact than ever before .
My approach is the belief that there is nothing very strong community of passionate people. It is the passion that can cause a change whether it’s on volunteer basis or on reforming the system, than why should it be disturbed by the boundaries, no more! What exactly that means is social media is directly proportional to opportunity. There is indefinite probability for social media to change this world, change people, change system.
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

I am from a small town Chichawatni, Sahiwal, Punjab , Pakistan, studied from University of Agriculture Faisalabad, on my mission to explore world I am in Denmark these days..

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