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Seed Industry

Hybrid Seed Production in Tomato

                               Muhammad Roman, Zeeshan Arif Wahla, Maria Riaz Department of Seed Science & Technology University of Agriculture Faisalabad      Hybrid Seed Production in Tomato (Solanum  Lycopersicum L.) Botanical name:                   Solanum Lycopersicum L.      Family:                                Solanaceae Chromosome no:                2n=24 Origin:                               Peruvian and Mexican region   Introduction …

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Hybrid Seed Production

The first generation progeny of cross between two genetically diversified parents is called hybrid (seed) and the whole procedure of seed production is called hybrid seed production.   Diagram 1: Represent how the hybrid seed produced by crossing between A x B. Agronomic Approaches for Hybrid Seed Production: Different strategies …

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Vegetable Seed Industry Scenario in Pakistan

Vegetable Seed Industry Scenario Agricultural production is an essential factor for the existence of human race and seed is a vital input for agriculture. Vegetable seeds are the fastest growing category within the overall seeds market. Vegetables play a key role in providing an inexpensive balanced diet. Globally, vegetable seeds …

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How multinational seeds companies exploite farmers?

GENETIC USE RESTRICTION TECHNOLOGIES: A TOOL TO FORCE FARMERS TO DEPEND ON MULTINATIONAL SEED COMPANIES. Mubashir Abbas*, Syed Ikram Ali Shah, Manzoor ul Hassan. Center of Agricultural Biochemistry and Biotechnology, University of Agriculture, Faisalabad, Pakistan. *Corresponding author: mubashirabbas3164@gmail.com   Biotechnology has helped mankind in a number of ways by overcoming …

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 IP Status of Seed Industry in Pakistan

                          Pakistan is an agriculture country, but land holding is very small. The economy of Pakistan is mainly depending on agriculture and therefore, government tried to bring agricultural reforms. For this purpose, government permits the private sector for …

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How do i plant cycad seed

Planting cycad seeds is a rather involved process, requiring several steps. First, the seeds must be pollinated and cleaned. They must also be kept moist until the embryo emerges. Then, the seeds should be planted in a sandy potting soil and given plenty of moderately rich nutrients. Cycads typically grow …

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