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Seed Industry

Disease Management in Organic Seed Production

Diseases can have a significant effect on production of specialty seed crops. Seed growers must pay attention to diseases that affect the vegetative growth stage of the crop, as well as those that affect the reproductive growth stages (flowering and seed formation). Some diseases, such as Verticillium wilt of spinach, …

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Improving the Resistance of Maize by Using Bacteria

A pathogenic fungus responsible for a disease called anthracnose has been causing serious damage to cereal crops on the North American continent, especially during the 1970’s. “Colletotrichum graminicola is not limited to crops. It also affects golf courses, parks and private gardens where the grass changes to an unappealing brown …

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INTRODUCTION With the increased access to the information technology, the farmers are becoming more aware of the importance of quality in seed. The growers demand high quality seed that is capable of healthy and uniform emergence in the fields. Quality seed is one of the cheapest and most essential input …

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  Introduction Year Wise and District Wise Induction of National Seed Companies – List.01 Year Wise and District Wise Induction of National Seed Companies – List.02 Crop Varities Registered & Released upto 2005 Registered & Released Crop Varities in Pakistan Province Wise Registered & Released Crop Varities in Pakistan – …

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Seed Certificaton Procedure

  Please click on the following links to download the forms in pdf format. Application for Field Inspection Application for Seed Sampling – Form No.03 Certificate of Laboratory Analysis – Form N0.04 Laboratory Analysis Certificate – Form No.07 Inspection Report – Form NO.02 Request for Final Certificaton, Sampling, Labelling and …

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