If you have been using chemical fertilizers all this while for your vegetable garden, flower garden or even for your farm, it is time you go organic. Yes, chemical fertilizers helped in boosting the growth of crops in a harsh environment and all, but the dark side effects it had on the crop yield and the environment as a whole are scary. That is why, organic, and best fertilizer for flowers, vegetables are the choice, and people are happy to use it again after a long time.

The types of Organic fertilizers and their uses:

The chemical fertilizers are available a dime a dozen in the market, but since the revelations came about their harmful effects now, every gardener prefers using organic fertilizers. Here are the different types of best fertilizer for flowers to go for while gardening.

1. Plant-based fertilizers:

This is suitable for conditioning and preparing the soil for the gardening of flowers rather than adding nutrients. The plant-based fertilizers compose of compost, compost tea, legume covers and more. Clover crop is by itself significant in boosting the nutrient value to the soil and the crops in the garden, and so it is also a considerable fertilizer for the entire garden.

2. Mineral-based fertilizers:

Phosphorus and nitrogen are two essential minerals that boost the growth of crops and flowering plants. Manure of sheep and cow that has been around for a long time is ideal for promoting crop growth.

3. Animal-based fertilizers:

The bone, tooth, urine (urea), and the other parts of the remains of animals, birds, and fish comprise the animal-based fertilizers. They are useful for balancing the pH in soil and for promoting the growth of floral crops and plants.

Besides these, seaweed is also rich in bringing out the micronutrients in the soil and hence, boosting plant growth.

However, one has to remember that besides going for fertilizers one has to use some conditioning to prepare the soil for seeding and crop. Though mustard is a beneficial crop that many farmers and gardeners use for their farmlands and gardens, it must not start seeding.

Is the old style of gardening back?

Though the organic style of fertilizers and adding manure and urea are all old school and have been in use till the early 20th century when the chemical fertilizers came to the scene. Till then, ash, bone meal, mulch, urea, and compost were used liberally, but they took their own sweet time. This is why chemical fertilizers became a hit. However, considering the harm, these chemical fertilizers were doing to the yield and everything in contact. People find the organic remains and compost to be in use.

Today, from bat guano to bone and blood meal, mulch and others are in high demand and will continue to be the best fertilizer for flowers and flowering plants. So, grow the crop with caution and keep the garden and crops healthy all year.


Saad Ur Rehman Malik
Saad Ur Rehman Malik

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