Importance of water for human life.

(Written by:   Khadija Tehseen Arshad)

Water is considered as the most important substance on earth for every living thing either it is plant , animals or human beings, water considered as the base of life. All the living thing required water for their survival. If there is no water on the earth, there will be no life.

Water required for human body:

Water is the basic unit of life, without it life cannot exist. We are constantly adding fresh water in our body to maintain it or for the body functioning:

  • Headache
  • Fatigue
  • Joint pain
  • Muscle stretch
  • Proper blood circulation etc.

Human body is almost comprised of 80% of water different body parts required a huge amount of water for proper blood circulation. Like:

  • Water composition of human brain is 85%
  • Water composition of blood is almost 80%
  • Water composition of muscles is almost 70%

There is no alternative of water in this world. No drink can complete the water requirement of human body. Shortage of water in the human body may cause the :

  • Muscle stretch
  • Heart attack
  • Brain failure
  • Increase fat in the human body
  • Short-term memory etc.

Water is essential for the different processes like:

  • Water is required for the digestion process
  • Nutrient absorption in plants
  • And it is required for all the chemical reactions taking place in all living things.
  • For the transportation of carbohydrates and proteins in the blood streams of the human body
  • Water is necessary for the transport of waste material from the human body.
  • Water is required for proper circulation in the human body.
  • Water keeps the body of an living organism in a “well-hydrated” form.
  • Water helps to remove toxic compounds from the human body
  • Water helps the body to store fat
  • Water regulate the body cooling system


Hence water is important for human body to its proper functioning. Doctors said that a human body required at least 16 glass of water daily.

About Author:

Written by:  Khadija Tehseen Arshad

Department: Agronomy

University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.


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