PhD Position in Fungal Endophytes at International Leibniz Research School for Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions in Germany, 2013

PhD Position in Fungal Endophytes at International Leibniz Research School for Microbial and Biomolecular Interactions in Germany, 2013  

Study Subject(s): The research topic is Fungal Endophytes as a Chemical Cue Mediating Defence against Pathogens in an Ant-plant Mutualism.
Course Level: This scholarship is for pursuing PhD level.
Scholarship Provider: German Excellence Initiative
Scholarship can be taken at: Germany

•Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field in Natural or Life Science

•Master’s degree (or equivalent) in a relevant field in Natural or Life Sciences. Candidates about to earn their degree are welcome to apply.

• high motivation and interest to join one of the interdisciplinary research areas of JSMC

• creativity and interest to shape your own thesis project
•an integrative and cooperative personality with enthusiasm for actively participating in the lively JSMC Community
• very good communication skills in English (instruction language at JSMC)

Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: Students of any nationality can apply for this scholarship.

Scholarship Description: The Graduate School of Excellence ‘JSMC’ invites applications for a PhD Student Position to conduct research on the topic Fungal endophytes as a chemical cue mediating defence against pathogens in an ant-plant mutualism. Aboveground plant–fungal mutualistic interactions can benefit plants by promoting plant growth and protection against diseases and insects. The endophytes live intercellularly in leaf and stem tissue without causing any apparent signs of disease. Protective effects can result from the production of secondary compounds with antifungal and/or antibacterial activity, such as alkaloids and terpenoids, or lytic enzymes that can hydrolyze a wide variety of polymeric compounds. The aim of this project is to unravel the direct and indirect chemical mechanisms through which fungal endophytes are likely to enhance the resistance to pathogens of their host plants, using the mesoamerican ant-plant Acacia-Pseudomyrmex system as a model system. The Acacia leaves rarely show symptoms of pathogen infection and no pathogenic bacteria have been identified growing on their leaf surfaces (González-Teuber & Boland, unpublished data). We have isolated at least twenty different fungal endophyte species from leaf samples of two Acacia species.

Tenure of award: Three-year PhD positions are available.

What does it Cover?
• a highly communicative atmosphere within a scientific network providing top-level research facilities
•a doctoral researcher position (TV-L E13, 65%) funded for three years based on the regulations of the DFG (German Research Foundation) as well as generous research funding
• a comprehensive mentoring program with supervision by a team of advisors
• a top-level PhD training program with courses in state-of-the-art research technologies and soft skills
•Jena – the German City of Science 2008: a young and lively town with dynamic business activities, successful scientific centers of innovation and a vibrant cultural scene around the famous Friedrich Schiller University.

Notification: Selected applicants will be invited to the JSMC/ILRS Recruitment Meeting in Jena, Germany, in February 2013. Awarding decisions will be made shortly thereafter, allowing the projects to start immediately.

How to Apply: The mode of applying is online.

Scholarship Application Deadline: Do submit your applications till December 2nd, 2012

Further Scholarship Information and Application….. (THANX TO PSS, PPF) UAFINFORMATION)

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