Post Graduate Merit list in UAF


Post Graduate merits were announced in University of Agriculture, Faisalabad.(Winter 2013-14) 


All Post Graduate Merit lists of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad are available, so last merits have been given below

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Last Year MERIT LIST and Fees Schedule:

 UAFInformation(sb se taiz) 1st merit list: 


>Agronomy: 3.00

>Agri Bio tech 2.64

>Bio technology 3.39

>Forestry 2.54

>Crop Physiology 3.07

>Agri Entomology 2.66

>MSC(Hons) Environmental Science (Evening) 2.66, 

>MSC(Hons) Environmental Science (Morning) 3.10


>Horticulture  2.57

>Plant Breeding & Genetics  3.21

>Plant Pathology 2.55

>Soil Science 2.86

>Agri. Extension & rural Development 2.71

>Agri Econonmics 2.55

>Development Economics 2.64

>Environmental & Resource Economics 2.64

>Rural Development 2.55

>M.SC(Hons) Home Economics:

-Clothing & Textile 3.06

-Food & Nutrition 2.89

-Humane Development 2.62

>M SC (Hons) Agriculture Engineering:

-Water Resource Engineering 2.51

-Fiber Technology(Morning) 362(45%)

Agriculture Engineering 2.51

>Food Science & Technology:

-Food Technology 3.32

-Food Service Management 2.76

Food Safety & Quality Management  2.69

-Dairy Technology 2.76

>Animal Breeding And Genetics 3.38

>Live Stock Management 2.29

>Animal Nutrition 2.66

>MSc Population Sciences (Morning) 377(47.13%)

>M.Sc(Hons) Poultry Science 2.79

>M.Sc(Education) Evening 364(45.50%)

>MSc Mathematics(Evening) 45%

>MSc Rural Sociology(Morning) 422(52.75%)

>MSc Sociology(Evening)  376(47%)

>M.Sc(Statistics)(Morning) 506(50.6%)

>M.A Economics(Evening) 360(45%)

>MA Fine Arts (Morning) 45%

>MA English 360marks/ 45%

>M.ed 68.22%

>Mcom(Evening) 675 marks/45%

>MBA 3.5 years Evening 47.87%(Revised)

>MBA(Executive)(Evening) 360(45%)

>M.BA 2.5 years (Evening) 2330marks/58.25%

>M.Sc(Physics) Morning 731(73.1%)(Corrected)

>M.Sc(Physics) Evening 490(49%)(Corrected)

>MSc(Zoology)(Morning) 692(69.2 %)

>MSC Zoology(Evening)48.30 %(Corrected)

>MSc(Chemistry) (Morning) 69.20 %

>MSc(Chemistry) (Evening) 52.00 %

> MSc(Chemistry) (Self Finance) 49%

>MSc Biochemistry(Morning) 543 marks

>Msc Biochemistry(Self Finance) 466


>MSc(Botany) (Morning) 63.70 %

>MSc(Botany) (Evening) 48.00 %

>Msc(Computer Science)(Evening) 443 marks/55.38%

Faculty of Vetrinery Science:

>Mphil Clinical medicine & Surgery 2.66

>Mphil Pathology 2.68

>Mphil Anatomy 2.75

>Mphil Pharmacology 3.51

>Mphil Micro biology 2.65(Corrected)

>Mphil Parasitology 2.6

>Mphil Physiology 2.59

>Mphil Theriogenology 2.73

>M.Phil Rural Sociology(Evening) (55.70%)

>Mphil Economics(Evening) 45.45%

>Mphil Statistics 2.74(Corrected)

>Mphill Botany(Morning) 3.55

>Mphil Botany Evening(2.66)

>Mphill Physics(Morning) 3.40(Corrected)

>Mphil Physics(Evening)2.74(Corrected)

>Mphil Zoology (Morning) 3.48

>Mphil Zoology(Evening)2.78

>Mphil Chemistry 3.35

>Mphil Biochemistry 3.1

>MS Computer Science(Evening) 63.56%

>MS(Mangament Specialization) Agri business 2.79

>MS Marketing(Evening) 58.10 %


2nd Merit List was also displayed for following degrees, its merit was as:

>M.Sc(Botany) Evening (45.70%)

>M.Sc(Zoology) Evening(45.50%)

>M.Sc(Physics) Evening(46.00%)

>M.Sc(Chemistry) Evening 49%

>MPhil(Botany) Evening (2.50CGPA)

>MPhil(Zoology) Evening(2.50Cgpa & 45.83%)

>MPhil(Physics) Evening(2.56 CGPA)

>Mphil(Chemistry) 2.90

>Mphil BioChemistry 2.54

>Mphil Anatomy 2.73

>Mphil clinical medicine & Surgery 2.58

>Mphil Parasitology 2.51

>Mphil Pathology 2.65

>Mphil Thereogenology 2.58

>Mphil Pharmacology 3.32

>Mphil MicroBiollogy 2.59

>MS(CS) 57.50%

>M.Sc(Hons) Food Technology( 3.02CGpa)

>M.Sc(Hons) Environmental Sciences (3.02)

>M.Sc(Hons) Soil Science (2.55)

>M.Sc(Hons) PBG (2.64)

>M.Sc(Hons) Horticulture (3.22)

>M.Sc(Hons) BioTechnology (2.65)

>M.Sc(Hons) Home Economics (Food & Nutrition) 3.81

>M.Sc(CS)(Evening) 49.07%

>M.Com(Evening) 49.07%

>M.BA(3 ½ years) 46.07%

>M.A Economics(Evening) 49.33%

>Mphilrural Sociology(Evening) 68.00%

>M.Sc Rural sociology(Morning) 46.88%

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Fees Schedule of all new admission in Post Graduate programs(1st Semester) is as below:

Fees Schedule for admissions in all postgraduate programs in University of Agriculture, Faisalabad have been announced:


<<Post Graduate Programs>>


>Fee for all morning programs in M.Sc(Hons)/M.phill(For Outsider) is rupee 34,400 for 1st semester & rupee 20,000 for subsequent semesters


>M.Sc Chemistry & Biochemistry is 32,350 rupee in 1st semester & 20,000 rupee in subsequent semesters


>Fee for M.Sc Physics, Mathematics & Stat is rupee 29,850 in 1st semester & 18,135 rupee in subsequent semesters


> Fee for M.Sc Rural Sociology is 28,500 rupee in 1st semester & 15,500 in subsequent Semesters


> Fees for all Ph.D programs (for Outsiders) is rupee 49,250 in 1st Semester and rupee 26,470 in subsequent semesters


<<M.A/M.Sc Degree Degree Programs>>

>Fee for  M.Sc  Botany, Physics and Zoology(Evening) is rupee 40,000 in 1st smester and rupee 35,000 in subsequent semesters.


>For for all distant learning programs i.e. M.A/ in Economics, Mathematics, English, Sociology, M.Com, M.Ed, M.A education is rupee 20,000 in 1st semester & rupee 15,000 in subsequent smesters.


> Fee for M.Sc(hons) degree programs in  Food service Management and food safety and quality management is rupee 45,000 in 1st semesters and rupee 40,000 in subsequent semesters.

>Fee for Mphil degree programs in Botany, Zoology and Physics(evening Programs) is rupee 40,000 in 1st semester and rupee 35,000 in subsequent semesters


>Fee schedule for double degree programs i.e. Agribusiness & Rural development & Agro ecology and sustainable land use is rupee 40,000 in 1st semester an rupee 35,000 in subsequent semesters.


>Hostel Dues are rupee 10,600 in first semester and rupee 7850 in subsequent semesters for all morning students whereas rupee 16,600 in 1st semester and rupee 10,350 in subsequent semesters for all evening programs.


>Fees for 1st semster MBA(3 1/2 years) is rupee 83400 for boarder and rupee 66800 for non-boarder students


> Fees for MBA(2 1/2 years) 1st semster is rupee 83400 for boarder and rupee 66800 for non-boarder students


 >Fees for MS(Cs)/Msc(CS) Evening  1st semster is rupee 76800 for boarder and rupee 60200 for non-boarder students


>Fees for M.Sc(Pop Sci) Morning+ Msc(Chem) Evening+ Mphil Rural sociology/Mphil microbiology+Msc(hons) Environmental Sciences in 1st semster is rupee 76800 for boarder and rupee 60200 for non-boarder students


>MBA(Exec) 2 1/2 years 1st semster is rupee 85400 for boarder & 68800 for non boarder students


>Fees for MS(Management Specialization) 1st semster is rupee 93400 for boarder and rupee 76800 for non-boarder students




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