Associate Professor in Dairy Technology Faculty of Life Sciences

Associate Professor in Dairy Technology

Faculty of Life Sciences (Application date: 31 march 2011)


Department of Food Science Wishes two tillsätter an associate professor in Dairy Technology from a May 2011 eller som snart som muligt derefter for a periode of two years and six months


Associate Professor in Dairy Technology

Faculty of Life Sciences

Department of Food Science Wishes two tillsätter an associate professor in Dairy Technology from a May 2011 eller som snart som muligt derefter for a periode of two years and six months.

Job description 

The associate professor’s Duties vil primært include research (including publication / academic dissemination Duties) and research-based teaching (with Associated prøve Duties). Foruden research and research-based teaching, the post også includes a duty two share knowledge med resten av samhället – herunder deltagelse public debat. Furthermore, the associate professor forventes two manage research, provides guidance and supervision of assistant professor and forskere samt deltager in academic assessments.

The appointee skulle have Qualifications indenfor følgende områden:

  • Processing of Dairy Products
  • Textural and rheological properties of food and dairy products
  • Physio-chemical properties of milk proteins and address the processing
  • Project leader experience
  • Practical experience from pilot-plant operation
  • Dokumenteret forskning og undervisning skills
  • Social and Interaction Skills

The postal ice finansieres city a research project that the Department of Food Science med Financial support from The Danish Dairy Research Foundation and The Danish Food Industry Agency.

Qualification Requirements 

I forbindelse med Appointment til post special betydning kommer til Attached lawyers HAVING The Professional and Personal Qualifications Det nedenfor:

  • Research and teaching Qualifications corresponding two vad kan achieved through satisfactory Appointment som assistant professor i forhold til ovenfor subject area (s)
  • Dokumenteret scientific productions to an international level i forhold til ovenfor subject area (s)
  • The associate professor is required være enterprising city natur och possess good inter-personal skills.

Hvis lawyers tidligere haft no teaching experience through Employment som assistant professor eller har ikke achieved corresponding teaching experience, the Appointment bliver Probationary for 1 ½ years

Terms of Employment

The post kommer filled enligt den Agreement mellom Danish Ministry of Finance and the Danish Confederation of Professional Associations. The post is covered by the Protocol on Job Structure.
Applicants bliver Assessed enligt den Ministry of Science Technology and Innovation Executive Order no 92 of February 2008.

The University of Copenhagen welcome applications from suitably qualified kandidater vedrørende less of age, gender, race, religion or ethnic background.  


For yderligere information om mail, please contact Head Research Group. Professor Richard Ipsen på tlf.(+45) 35 33 32 25, [email protected] .

Potential Applicants from outsider Denmark hittar information about life in Denmark (taxation, healthcare, etc) to .


Apply by Clicking ‘Apply Online’ nedenfor.

Applications – in English – Must include:

  • Cover letter
  • CV med documentation of education.
  • A complete list of publications
  • A maximum of 10 relevant scientific works som sag Wishes være included in the assessment.
  • Documentation for Additional Research Qualifications.
  • Teaching portfolio (enligt University of Copenhagen’s guidelines for teaching portfolios)
  • Teaching erfaring samt type (Lectures, Practicals, andre), level (Bachelor, Master, PhD) and duration.
  • Formal pedagogic training med courses, conferences eller andre.
  • Evaluation of teaching urban students, Employer eller andra.
  • Leadership and / or administration of education herunder study and / or curricula utskott commissions eller andre.
  • Pedagogical udvikling med course, teaching and exam utveckling samt Pedagogical research.
  • Personal description of Pedagogical experience, goals, metoder och success in terms of student learning.

Notes Referring til vigtigste scientific work (2-3 pages)

Please submit your application Illustration 31 March 2011th

The Faculty of Life Sciences is one of Europe’s Leading university environments på områder of food, health, plants, biotechnology, natural resources, the environment and related academic områder.

Our research and degree programmer er centered on knowledge og værktøjer som kan help secure a brighter future for human, animals and plants.

Read more about The Faculty of Life Sciences to .

Number of vacancies:

Workplace location:
Frederiksberg, Hovedstaden, Zealand and Bornholm

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