Enrolment Schedule for all programmes (For Winter Semester 2012-13) in UAF(University of Agriculture, Faisalabad) (Note: It’s Also includes all detail about Fee Schedule For New Admisions):

Enrolment Schedule for all programmes (For Winter Semester 2012-13)  in UAF(University of Agriculture, Faisalabad) Enrolment date of b.sc (Hons )agriculture is 20-09-21012 for detail read this article

(Note: It’s Also includes all detail about Fee Schedule For  New Admisions):


a. On 17-09-2012(Munday):

i. B.Sc(Hons) Agriculture 3rd Semester(Sections I,J,K,L,M,N,O,P and Q)

ii. Faculty of Vetrinery Sciences:

DVM, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 9th and above 10th semester.

B.Sc(Hons) Microbiology  7th and above 8th semester 

b. On 18-09-2012(Tuesday):

i. Community College, UAF:

Intermediate Pre-Agriculture 3rd and above semesters

B.ed 3rd Semester

ii. B.Sc.(Hons) AgriSciences 7th and above 8th Semester:

Major:      Agronomy, Entomology, Horticulture, Plant Pathology, PBG, Agri Extention, Forestry, MAB, Soil Science and Agri. Biotechnology.

iii. B.Sc(Hons) Environmental Sciences 7th semester and above.

iv. Sub-Campus Toba Tek Singh

c. On 19-09-2012(Wednesday):

i. National Institute Of Food Science and Technology:

B.Sc(Hons) Agri(Food Science And Technology)  7th and above 8th semesters.

B.Sc(Hons) Home.Economics 3rd, 5th, 7th and above semesters.

B.Sc(Hons) Humane Nutrition and Dietetics 3rd semester

B.Sc. Food Science and Nutrition 3rd semester

ii. Faculty of Social Sciences:

B.Sc(Hons) Agri and Rsource Economics 7th and above 8th semesters

B.Sc(Hons) Agri  Economics 7th and above 8th semesters

iii. Faculty of Agri. Engineering and Technology:

B.Sc(Hons) Agri.Engineering 3rd, 5th , 7th and above 8th semesters

d. On 20-09-2012(Thursday):

i. Faculty of Animal Husbandery:

B.Sc(hons) Animal Sciences 5th, 7th and above 8th semesters.

iii. B.Sc agriculture sciences 5th semester all the sections(chalan form will be available in office dean faculty of agriculture sciences… remember in ug1 form at the place of “major description” u will leave the space blank and will mention urs section name at ug1 form…major list will be displayed after enrolment)

e. On 21-09-2012(Friday) and 24-09-2012(Munday):

All Leftover with rupee 600/- Fee


<<1,2.ENROLMENT SCHEDULE(Post Graduate Students)>>:

a. 0n 14-09-2012(Friday):

Deptt. Of Chemistry, Bio Chemistry and Computer Sciences

b. 0n 17-09-2012(Munday):

Deptt. Of Zoology & Fisheries, Deptt. of Mathematics & Statistics, Physics, Botany, Agronomy and Agri Entomology.

c. 0n 18-09-2012(Tuesday):

Deptt. of Crop Physiology, Plant Pathology, Institute of Horticulture Sciences, Plant Breeding and Genetics, Forsetry, Institute of Soil And Environmental Sciences, Centre of Agricultural Bio Chemistry and Bio- Technology(CABB).

d. 0n 19-09-2012(Wednesday):

Faculty of Vet. Science, Faculty of Animal Husbandery, Institute of Animal Nutrition and Food Technology, Faculty of Agri. Engg And Technology and Institute of Microbiology.

College of Agriculture, Dera Ghazi Khan

e. 0n 20-09-2012(Thursday):

National Institute of Food Science And Technology and Institute of rural Home Economics

Faculty of Social Sciences and IBMS:

MBA 3 1/2 Years

MBA 2 1/2 Years


MS Management and marketing(Specialization) ETC.

f. 0n 21-09-2012(Friday) and 24-09-2012(Munday):

All Left over with fee Rs.600/-


<<1.3. 1st semester Morning Classes Fee Schedule>>:

i. Fee for Under Graduate/ F.Sc. Pre-Agriculture is 

Rupee 35,835/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 26,385/-  For Non-Boarder Students


ii. Fee for M.A/M.Sc/M.Phill  is Rupee 39,335/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 29,885/-  For Non-Boarder Students


iii. Fee for Ph.D.  is Rupee 45,835/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 36,385/-  For Non-Boarder Students.

b. 1st Semester Undergraduate/Graduate/Post Graduate Students:

i. Fee for  Under Graduate(University F.Sc  pre-Agriculture Students) is Rupee 24,135/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 17,285/-  For Non-Boarder Students.


ii. Fee for M.A/M.Sc/M.Phill (University Graduate)  is Rupee 27,135/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 20,285/-  For Non-Boarder Students.


iii. Fee for Ph.D (University Graduate) is Rupee 33,635/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 26,785/-  For Non-Boarder Students

c. 1st Semester Graduate/Post Graduate Students(Sub campus):

i. Fee for  M.A/M.Sc/M.Phill (University Graduate Sub Campus)is Rupee 29,735/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 20,285/-  For Non-Boarder Students.

d. 1st Semester  Evening Programmes:

i. Fee for  MBA(3 1/2 years & 2 1/2 Years) is Rupee 82,250/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 66,800/-  For Non-Boarder Students

ii. Fee for  MBA(Exec) is Rupee 84,250/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 68,800/-   For Non-Boarder Students

iii.Fee for  MS(C.S)/M.Sc.(CS) Evening/M.Sc.(Pop. Science) Morning/M.Sc. Chemistry Evening is Rupee 63,075/-   For Boarder Students and Rupee 47,625/-  For Non-Boarder Students.

e. 1st Semester Foreigner Students:

i. Fee for  Under Graduate students is Rupee 78,835/-   For Boarder Students and Rupee  69,385/-  For Non-Boarder Students

ii. Fee for M.Sc/M.phil Students is Rupee 66,335/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee 56,885/-  For Non-Boarder Students.

iii. Fee for   ph.D is Rupee 67,335/-  For Boarder Students and Rupee  57,885/-  For Non-Boarder Students.

f.thanx to PSS

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