2012 Research Associate Position in Genetic Statistics/Epidemiology at University of Bristol, UK

2012 Research Associate Position in Genetic Statistics/Epidemiology at University of Bristol, UK:
Study Subject(s):Genetic Statistics/EpidemiologyCourse


Scholarship Provider: British Heart Foundation            Scholarship can be taken at: UK                                                                                    

Eligibility:-Excellent quantitative research skills Experience of using statistical software, such as Stata, R and completing basic association analyses-Understanding of core epidemiological principles Understanding of core biostatistical methods and principles Experience of managing priorities and completing multiple tasks on time-Ability to draft research papers and co-ordinate contributions of co-authors-Ability and willingness to learn new skills and knowledge-

The successful candidate will have a good first degree (First Class honours/2.i or equivalent) in a relevant subject.-Relevant qualification at Masters level or above in medical statistics or epidemiology, with some learning/project work relevant to genetic epidemiology

Scholarship Open for International Students: Yes
Scholarship Open for Students of Following Countries: UK/Non EU(Pakistan Includes)
Scholarship Description: We are seeking to appoint a talented and able medical statistician/epidemiologist to contribute to a UK-wide collaboration (UCLEB) on the genetics of chronic disease and to other large genetic collaborations based at the MRC Centre for Causal Analyses in Translational Epidemiology (CAiTE). You will have a PhD or a relevant Masters degree and be experienced in epidemiology and quantitative data management, with skills in the use of databases and statistical software packages relevant to genetic association studies. You will be well-organised, have excellent communication skills and be self-motivated; experience of basic statistical techniques is required. Knowledge of advanced statistical techniques used in genetic epidemiology is desirable. You will be responsible for maintaining and updating the databases of a number of large cohort studies sited in MRC CAiTE (including high density genetic data from METABOCHIP and GWAS), manipulating data e.g. to create new variables, providing relevant sub-sets of data to members of the UCLEB and other collaborations, dealing with and logging data requests, conducting basic statistical analyses and participating in more complex analyses as appropriate to your level of experience. You will also be required to participate in report-writing and preparation of papers for publication.
How to Apply: Email
Scholarship Application Deadline: 16 Jul 2012

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