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Wheat Research

  • How many varieties have been developed by PARC, and which are the varieties recommended for general cultivation?

    Ans. PARC has its contribution in the development of wheat varieties viz. Saryab-92, Kohsar-95, Margalla-99 and Wafaq-01. In addition 100 wheat and barley varieties have been developed for different ecological conditions through PARC National Uniform Testing System. Following varieties are recommended for different areas of Pakistan.

    Irrigated: Uqab-2000, Bhakhar-2002, Inquilab-91, Seher-06, Shafaq-06, Fareed-06, Manthar-03, Pasban-90
    Rainfed: Wafaq-2001, GA-2002

    Mehran-89, Imdad-05, TD-1, SKD-1, Bhittai-04, Marvi-02, Momal-02, TJ-83, Sassi-06, Khiramn-06, Sarsabz-86

    Irrigated: Saleem-2000, Naseer-2000, Fakhar-e-Sarhad, Chaznawi-98
    Rainfed: Tatara-98, Daman-98, Zam-2004, Pirsabak-2005

    Irrigated: Zarghoon-79, Zarlashta-99, Raskoh-05, Zamindar-80
    Rainfed: Sariab-92

    Which are the recommended fertilizers and their dose per acre?
    Ans. Fertilizer doses for wheat crop in irrigated and rainfed areas are as under:

    Irrigated Areas  

    Soil Fertility Status

    At Planting

    At First or Second Irrigation

    Average Fertility soil

    1.5 bags of DAP + 0.5 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    0.75 bag urea

    Fertile soil

    1.0 bags of DAP + 0.5 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    0.5 bag urea

    Low Fertility soil

    2.0 bags of DAP + 0.5 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    1.0 bag urea

    Rainfed Areas

    Soil Fertility Status

    At Planting

    Low rainfall area (Annual rainfall = 350 mm)

    1.0 bag of DAP + 0.75 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    Medium rainfall area (Annual rainfall = 350-550 mm)

    1.0 bag of DAP + 1.25 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    Low rainfall area (Annual rainfall > 500 mm)

    1.5 bag of DAP + 1.5 bag of Urea + 1 bag of Potassium Sulphate

    What are the sources of seed availability?
    Ans. Seed of Saryab-92 is available at ARI, Quetta, whereas seed of Wafaq-01 is available at NARC, Islamabad.

    What are the major diseases and how these can be controlled?
    Ans. Wheat is attacked by diseases like rusts, smut and bunts; mainly. To escape from these diseases, only recommended and disease resistant varieties may be planted.

    What are the major recommendations for farmers to improve wheat production/ productivity?

    1.  Sowing of wheat before November 20 with seed drill
    2.  Use good quality seed of disease resistant and recommended varieties only
    3.  Use fertilizer according to requirement of crop
    4.  No water shortage at tillering, booting and grain filling stages
    5.  Timely control /removal of weeds from wheat fields

    Courtesy Parc.gov.pk

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