Wheat and Barley Varieties for Balochistan

Wheat_and_Barley_Varieties_for_BalochistanDue to unique climatic conditions of Balochistan, specific cultivars are needed for cultivation in the province. The following varieties of cereals and have been released after a rigorous testing in different agro-ecological zones of highland Balochistan:

High yielding, cold and drought tolerant and Yellow Rust Resistant wheat variety, AZRI-96 and a barley variety Sanober-96 have been approved for general cultivation. Average grain yield of AZRI-96 is 2 t ha-1 as compared to 1.5 t ha-1 of the local ones.  The barley variety

Sanober-96 is facultative, tolerant to yellow rust and cold/drought stresses. Its average grain yield is 2.2 t ha-1.

The AZRC cereals varieties have been disseminated to more than 250 nucleus farmers of different agro-ecological zones of highland Balochistan.

Key Reference

Khan, M. A., A. Samiillah, I. Begum, S.A. Jalil, A.S. Alvi. Z. Mirza, S. Mughal, S. Seikh and A.H. Bajoi. 1997. A new high yielding wheat variety, AZRI-96. AZRC Research Report No. 8.

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