The survey of weed communities of sunflower crop was conducted in five sunflower growing areas of Sukkur and Khairpur districts during 2003. A total of 33 weed species belonging to 30 genera and 15 angiosperm families were recorded. Five weed communities viz.: 1) Cyperus-Eclipta-Brachiaria  in Ghulam Qasim Jiskani (district Khairpur), 2) Dactyloctenium-CyperusBrachiaria in Kotedji (district Khairpur), 3) TrianthemaCyperus-Brachiaria in Keti Pir Pagara (district Khairpur), 4) Cyperus-Dactyloctenium-Cucumis in Riazabad (district Sukkur) and …..



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