Species and Characteristics of Sugarcane Species

Species of Sugarcane

A) Cultivated Species:

i) Saccharum officinarum
ii) Saccharum barberi
iii) Saccharum sinensis.

B) Wild Species:

i) Saccharum spontaneum
ii) Saccharum robustum

Species Characteristics

i) Saccharum officinarum:

1. It is locally known as pundia or pondya.
2. Stalk is thick with soft rind.
3. It has high sugar content.
4. It gives higher yields as compared to other species.
5. It is resistance to smut disease.
6. It is susceptible to red rot and mosaic disease.

ii) Saccharum sinensis:

1. It is known by Pansahi, nargori and mungo groups.
2. It is found in north India.

iii) Saccharum barberi:

1. It is known by saretha and sannabile groups
2. It had wider adoptability so, it is grown all over India.
3. Stalk is thin and matures earlier.
4. It contains medium sugar.
5. It is poor in yield
6. It is susceptible to smut disease.
7. It is resistance to red rot and mosaic diseases.

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