Linseed : Yield and improved varieties

Linseed-flax-seeds-16275755_lThe world average yield of linseed is 460 kg/ha. India, one of the major producers, obtains 190 kg/ha. For the past 15 years.rhenationalyield in Pakistan has remained at 550 kg per hectare. The maximum yield; about- 600 kglha, is obtained in Punjab (Agricultural Statistics of Pakistan 1991-92). An average yield of 980 kg and 500 kglha is obtained in irrigated and rainfed areas, respectively (Khan et al. 1985). A major improved cultivar commonly grown in Pakistan is ‘L-1’. Select- ed from local material, it is a medium-tall variety attaining a height of 60-75 ern. It is white-flowered, with light-brown seed, maturing in 145 days. Its seed index (lOO-seed weight) is 5.5 g and oil content 41 %.

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