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Linseed : Economic Importance

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    Linseed is grown in temperate as well as tropical regions. Argentina, the USA, Canada, Russia, and other European countries are the major produc- ers of linseed.

    In Pakistan, the area under linseed has remained static (9000-9500 hectares) for the past 15 years. Punjab (47%) and Sindh (53%) are the major growing provinces. Linseed oil is used in the manufacture of paints and varnishes, and oilcloth and linoleum. Its oiicake is used both as cattle feed and as manure.

    A good-quality fibre, used in the manufacture of canvas, cloth, and water- resistant pipes, can be extracted from the straw. The material remaining after the extraction of fibre can be pulped for use in the manufacture of paper and strawboard.

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