Botanical Name and Economical Uses of Sugarcane in India

Local Name     : Oos
Family            : Gramineae
Botanical Name: Saccharum officinarum
Origin             : i) S. officinarum (Noble cane ) – New Guinea ii) S barberi iii) S. sinensis ( Both are Indian cane) – North east India

Economic Uses of Sugarcane in India:

1. Sugarcane is a cash crop gives ready cash to the farmers.
2. It is mainly used for manufacture of jaggery (gul) and sugar.
3. It is used for preparation of juice (raswanti), syrup and also for chewing purpose.
4. Various by – products like bagasse, immature tops, molasses, pressmud cake etc obtained from cane are used for different purposes.
5. Immature green tops are used as fodder.
6. Bagasse is used as fuel and for making paper.
7. Molasses is used for preparing alcohol and other chemicals
8. Pressmud cake is used as manure
9. Trash is used for thatching of huts, mulching and composting.
10. The stubbles are used as fuel or for making compost.

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