Top 10 International Internships for International Students 2018

The best time to seek international internships for international students in different countries of the world is during their student life.Why get some local internship when you can get a better internship in a different country.This is your best chance to live in the world most exciting cities.Each company would love to see an international work in your resume it shows that you are an interesting person with some unique skills.
You may be considering an internship in abroad for many reasons: as an adventure, as a chance to gain in-depth knowledge of another culture and of yourself, as an inexpensive way to improve foreign language proficiency, or as preparation for an international career.
Whatever your goal is to get an internship abroad, be sure to make it count and get ready to experience way better than a job.

international internships for international students

We are going to share some best international internships for international students but you can find more on google.

Top International Internships:-

1. John Innes Centre UK:-

The John Innes Centre, The Sainsbury Laboratory and The Genome Analysis Centre provide the UK and non-UK students the unique opportunity to spend the summer on their research programme in plant, microbial and computational biology with accommodation and £200 weekly stipend.

Applications for John Innes Centre internship for 2018 will open from October 2017.
Official website Link is:-

2. Summer Internships for Bachelor and Master Students at EPFL:-

The School of Computer and Communication Sciences provides internship opportunities in the Summer period for students enrolled in BSc, BTech, MSc, MTech, or equivalent programmes in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Telecommunications, or Electrical Engineering

Applications for Internships in EPFL for 2018 will open from January 2018.
Official website Link is:-

3. Space Astronomy Summer Program USA:-

The SASP is aimed at college undergraduates between their junior and senior years. However, they also accept exceptional students in earlier years and beginning graduate students. If you think you would benefit from their program, you are encouraged to apply. The program is open to students from the US and other countries, at all levels of undergraduate and graduate study.

Applications for Internships in SASP for 2018 will end on January 2018.
Official website Link is:-


4. ETH Zurich Student Summer Research Fellowship Switzerland:-

The Computer Science Department at ETH offers a new, exciting program that allows undergraduate and graduate students to obtain research experience in their department during the summer months. Applications for the programme are open to students across the globe. The program is committed to increasing diversity in the computer science area.

Applications for Internships in ETH Zurich for 2018 will open from December 2017.
Official website Link is:-

5. Max Planck Institute for Software Systems Germany:-

MPI-SWS offers undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to conduct research at their institute. The programme is 12 to 14 weeks long and students are provided with free housing, travel expenses and a stipend. The institute also occasionally offers 6-month long internships.

Applications for Internships in MPIS Germany for 2018 will open from December 2017.
Official website Link is:-

6. Internships in IST Austria:-

The Institute of Science and Technology Austria, popularly known as IST Austria, is an institute of basic research located in Klosterneuburg, close to Vienna in Austria.Through ISTernship, it offers summer internships to outstanding undergraduate students interested in basic research in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Biology, Neuroscience and interdisciplinary areas. Interns will choose a group to work in, will be assigned a specific project and will conduct research under the close supervision of one of the members of the faculty and, for experimental labs, a lab mentor.

Location: IST Austria.
Duration: 8-12 weeks between May 15 and September 15.
Stipend: Salary of 969€/gross/month, travel from and to IST Austria, reimbursement of visa fees, subsidized housing.

Applications for Internships in IST Austria for 2018 will open from December 2017.
Official website Link is:-

7. TIGP Internship, Taiwan:-

There are 12 programs offered by TIGP Internship

  1. Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics
  2. Molecular Science and Technology
  3. Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences
  4. Bioinformatics
  5. Molecular and Cell Biology
  6. Nano Science and Technology
  7. Molecular Medicine
  8. Earth System Science
  9. Biodiversity
  10. Interdisciplinary Neuroscience
  11. Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology
  12. Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing

Applications for Internships in TIGP Taiwan for 2018 will open from December 2017.
Official website Link is:-

8. National Institute of Genetics (NIG), Japan Intern Program:-

National Institute of Genetics (NIG)/Department of Genetics, SOKENDAI offers a 6-week research internship program called NIGINTERN for students who wish to gain research experience in genetics and related fields in life sciences. Intern students will conduct independent research under the mentorship of participating faculty at NIG.

Location: National Institute of Genetics, Japan.
Duration: 4 weeks (June – August 2018).
Stipend: NIG will cover costs of airfare, local transportation between airport and NIG, lodging in the institute’s guesthouse, and travel insurance during the program. Allowance for meals (ca. 1,500 JPY/day, subject to change) will also be provided.

Applications for Internships in NIG Japan for 2018 will open from December 2017.

9. NCTU Taiwan Elite Internship Program:-

The NCTU Taiwan Elite Internship Program provides an opportunity to Master or PhD students from partner universities of National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan and other renowned foreign universities to participate in short-term research at NCTU.

Stipend: Free round-trip economy class flight ticket from your home country to Taiwan + additional NTD 5,000 scholarship (including 6% tax) for the first month in NCTU.

Applications for Internships in NCTU Taiwan for 2018 will open from January 2018.

10. Google Summer of Code:-

Google Summer of Code (GSoC) is a global program that offers students stipends to write code for open source projects. Through Google Summer of Code, accepted student applicants are paired with a mentor or mentors from the participating projects, thus gaining exposure to real-world software development scenarios and the opportunity for employment in areas related to their academic pursuits.

Location: This is a remote (work from home) internship. All development occurs online; there is no requirement to travel as part of the program.
Duration: Around 3 months.
Stipend: $5,500 for around 3 months of work.

An international internship is more than a way to build a resume. It’s a way to develop as a person and gain a new experience in the world. Sure, an internship in one of these exotic locales will provide you with all of the skills that you need, but your life will change in the process and it may even open new possibilities for your future.

These are the top 10 best international internship programs for international students but there are many other internship opportunities for everyone in every discipline. You just need to work harder, do a better research on the internet and find the best international internships for your future.

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