14 International Grants for Environmental, Conservation and Climate Change Projects, Ideas and Startups

If you, or your group, or organization, has been working hard towards the protection of environment, conservation of nature and addressing climate change issues or if you have an idea that would create a sustainable impact in the above areas of intervention, then you should review the following grant opportunities.


From funding startup ideas to providing financial support to scaleable projects, there are a number of international donors interested in supporting your work.

However, as these opportunities come from a range of donor agencies around the world, they have different approaches of accepting and analyzing applications from grant seekers. It is important to adapt to their methodology for ensuring maximum success. Please make sure to read the eligibility criteria for each of the grant opportunity.

You can review these grants below:

Small Grants that will empower local organizations to protect Environment

This is perhaps the most unique and interesting concept of project funding where small grants are given to beneficiary NGOs so that they can actually purchase land areas where threatened natural habitation exists. Learn more.

Seeking proposals to innovatively mobilize funding for climate finance

In this request of proposals, the Hewlett Foundation seeks information as to how to mobilize the capital available with the retail banking sector for financing the objectives of the Paris Climate Accord. Learn more

One the largest competitions to fund sustainable green startups

In this funding opportunity, green startups can win up to �800,000. Your plan should have the potential to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by an amount you can roughly estimate. Learn more.

Submit Your Project for getting highlighted at the 2018 UN Climate Change Conference

You can submit your innovative, scalable and replicable projects and if selected, you get a chance to attend the fully-paid 2018 UN Climate Change Conference in Katowice, Poland. Learn more.

Funding small, local initiatives worldwide towards the conservation of endangered species

The Fund provides funding for small, preferably local initiatives worldwide towards the conservation of endangered species (flora & fauna), or initiatives that in other ways promote the conservation and wise use of nature and our natural resources base. Learn more.

RELX Group Environmental Challenge for sustainable access to safe water or sanitation

RELX Group Environmental Challenge provides a funding of $50,000 and $25,000 to projects that best demonstrate how they can provide sustainable access to safe water or sanitation. Learn more.

USD $5000 Grant for those working on mountain issues in the HKH Region

Individuals or organizations working fo the cause of the mountains in the HKH (Hindu Kush Himalayas) or beyond in the areas of water, nutrition, climate change, ICT, income generation, policy advocacy and mountain systems can be nominated for the International Mountain Prize. Learn more.

WWF Grants to organize conservation workshops in your country

WWF Grants to organize conservation workshops in your country aim train communities, stakeholders, park guards, and others on local and regional conservation issues. Learn more.

5-day workshop on �Following the climate money� in Indonesia (18-22 June 2018)

As part of the Reporting Climate Change programme, the Thomas Reuters Foundation is organizing a 5-day workshop on �Following the climate money� in Indonesia from 18 to 22 June 2018. Learn more.

Fund to provide targeted grants to individual species conservation initiatives

These grants are to support individual species conservation initiatives, recognize leaders in the field and elevate the importance of species in the broader conservation debate. Learn more.

Cities for our Future Challenge for imaginative, problem solving young professional

If you are an imaginative, problem solving young professional, start up or student involved in surveying, urban design, architecture, or engineering, then you can apply for The Cities for our Future Challenge. Learn more.

Sida�s International Training Programme: Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (West Africa)

The overall objective of this training program is to combat the negative effects of climate change on vulnerable and poor populations, through the improvement of their level of knowledge, institution building and related capacity development. climate change in partner countries. Learn more.

Call for Submissions for Youth Solutions Report to identify and celebrate 50 youth-led solutions and ideas (Not a grant opportunity)

The second edition of the Youth Solutions Report to be launched in July 2018 seeks to identify and celebrate 50 youth-led solutions and ideas that are successfully contributing towards the achievement of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in business, charity, education and research. Learn more.

Brower Youth Awards recognizing outstanding leadership efforts of young people

The Brower Youth Award for Environmental Leadership established in 2000 by the Earth Institute recognizes the outstanding leadership efforts of young people who are working for the protection of our shared planet. Learn more.

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