Pre-requisites of Biological Control

Biological control programmes require considerable scientific information on population potentials and fluctuation of both pest and control agents, possible ecological ramification expected variations from locality to locality. and practical economics. The following requirements-.


must he satisfied for effective long-term control:

                                                                                                                                                   1. There must be a close synchronization of host and parasite cycles.


2. Predators and parasites must be effective during the growth phase of the host population.

3. Host populations must be controlled before economic damage.

4. Predators or parasites must be mass reared for release when native populations lag behi nd the host.

5. The climate must be conducive to predator’s survival

6. Alternative hosts or a residual of pest individuals must be left to maintain predators unless continual mass releases are contemplated. 

Key Reference : Insects and Pests Management by Ali Asghar Hashmi

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