• Fungus diseases contribute in controlling scale insects, whiteflies, aphids, wireworms and grasshoppers.

    Examples are:


    • Cordyceps sp. is pathogenic to the larvae of rice stem borer. 
    • Eutomophthora sphaerosperma parasitizes grasshoppers, leaf hoppers, aphides,pysllids, etc.
    • Empusa gryllia Fres. parasitizes grasshoppers.
    • Empusa aphidis Hoff attacks aphids. 
    • Empusa plusiae parasitizes noctuid larvae.
    • Metarrhizus anisopliae Sorokin, parasitizes white grubs. wireworms. cutworms. etc. 
    • Empusa muscae Cohn attacks flies.
    • Cephalosporium aphidicola is pathogenic to cabbage aphids. tobacco aphids. cotton 
    • aphids, etc.
    • Acrostalagmus aphidum Oud. attacks white flies and scale insects. 
    • Entomophathorafumosa Speare attacks white flies.
    • Verticillum lecanii controls aphids, whiteflies and thrips. 

     Key Reference : Insects and Pests Management by Ali Asghar Hashmi

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