. Necrotic pancreatitis in broilers. It is characterized by focal necroses in the pancreas.

212.. Necrotic Pancreatitis In Broilers. It Is Characterized By Focal Necroses In The Pancreas.

Gizzard erosions in broilers. They are manifested by erosions affecting the cuticle and the underlying tissues of the gizzard.

213.Gizzard Erosions In Broilers. They Are Manifested By Erosions Affecting The Cuticle And The Underlying Tissues Of The Gizzard.

Avian adenovirus splenomegaly. Avian adenovirus splenomegaly is characterized by enlargement of the spleen, pulmonary oedema and congestion. It is observed in broiler breeders at the age of 20-45 weeks. Its course is peracute or acute. The mortality could reach 8 - 9%. The most typical lesions are splenomegaly, mottled or marble-like appearance of the spleen, oedema or hyperaemia of lungs.

214.Avian Adenovirus Splenomegaly. Avian Adenovirus Splenomegaly Is Characterized By Enlargement Of The Spleen, Pulmonary Oedema And Congestion. It Is Observed In Broiler Breeders At The Age Of 20-45 Weeks. Its Course Is Peracute Or Acute. The Mortality Could Reach 8 – 9%. The Most Typical Lesions Are Splenomegaly, Mottled Or Marble-Like Appearance Of The Spleen, Oedema Or Hyperaemia Of Lungs.

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