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The Sanganer is a new breed created in Africa for the purpose of being a damline breed as it has been declared that there are not enough in the country. It has been created using the Africander and the Nguni both of which are indiginous breeds well suited to that enviroment.

Photo courtesy of The Sanganer Society of South Africa,

So this new breed has been bred to be highly economical and highly fertile, that will increase in demand across all African states.
South Africa is a country of extremes, not only as far as the climate is concerned, but also in respect of stock disease and topography. Forage production is also becoming too expensive so all of these issues are being tackled.

There are high expectations regarding the Sanganer at this stage those expectations are certainly being satisfied.


Since the Sanganer is still in the development phase, little information is currently available regarding this breed of cattle. The following very important attributes have already come to the fore.

  • Tick resistance – Not only do these animals have a very good resistance against tick-borne diseases, but generally have less ticks than animals from other breeds.
  • Easy calving – Calving problems do not occur
  • Vitality – The calves are vigourous and the mortality rate is low.
  • Good constitution – These animals are always in very good condition. The young oxen can be marketed off grazing from the age of 15 months.
  • Fertility – This breed is early maturing. Some heifers come into estrus before they are 12 months old. The re-fertilisation of the first-calf cows is excellent.


  • The fertilisation rate of 11 heifers was 100%
  • All of them calved before the age of 26 months.
  • All of the eleven heifers became pregnant within a three months mating period.
  • The young cows are in excellent condition despite the fact that their calves are in excellent condition.

  • Photo courtesy of The Sanganer Society of South Africa,


    Currently this breed is being produced and developed in Africa.

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