Meat Productive Duck Breeds

Ducks are very suitable for meat production. Because they can’t lay much eggs like chicken. There are many highly meat productive duck breeds around the world. Meat productive ducks become very fast growing. Feather and lips become bright and shiny. Wings are arranged well with their body. Lay less eggs but big sized.Fat is very high in their body. Chest is wide and fleshy. Meat productive ducks loves to eat vegetables leaf. Name and characteristics of some highly meat productive ducks breed are described bellow.

  • Peking duck originated form China.
  • Feather of peking duck become white colored.
  • Lay white colored eggs.
  • In proper care and management they can lay about 160 eggs per year.
  • They lay big sized eggs.
  • They become 3.5 kg weights within two months.
  • Adult male duck weights about 4.5 kg and female duck 4 kg.
  • Their eyes, lips are of yellow colored.
  • They don’t take care of their baby.
  • They don’t incubate eggs.
  • Their body is wide and globular.
  • This is the worlds most popular meat productive duck breed.
  • Their meat is very tasty.
  • Their heat is big, globular, wide and very strong.
  • Muscovy duck originated from South America.
  • They have many variant.
  • There are many red spots around their eyes.
  • Food to meat converting efficiency is very high.
  • They lay about 80-100 eggs per year.
  • Adult male duck weights about 5 kg and female 3.5-4 kg.
  • Their comb is red colored.
  • They don’t incubate eggs.
  • They take care of their baby.
  • Their body is big sized, long and wide.
  • Feather color is mixed with black and white.
  • White breeds feather become white colored.
  • They don’t make noise like other ducks.
  • Aylesbury duck originated form England.
  • Head is big, straight and long.
  • Body is deep and keep their body and head straight.
  • Legs are short and very strong.
  • Their legs are orange colored.
  • Feather is white colored.
  • Lips become yellow colored.
  • Adult male duck weights between 4-4.5 kg and female 3-4 kg.
  • Female ducks lay about 100-110 eggs per year.
  • Don’t incubate their eggs.
  • The color of their eggs is white.
  • Gain about 3-3.5 kg weight within two months of age.
  • Rouen duck originated form France.
  • They are very beautiful.
  • Head is big sized.
  • Lips are long and wide.
  • Their body is wide.
  • Feather of wings is gray colored.
  • Feather of tail, head and neck become green colored.
  • Lips of male duck is bright red and greenly black.
  • Female ducks lips become bright orange colored with black spots.
  • Lay about 80-100 eggs per year.
  • Adult male duck weights about 4-4.5 kg and female weights 3.5-4 kg.

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  1. This is an excellent article. I liked it. I think, instead of keeping chicks for meat, why not ducks. The question is food eaten.

    Which is more economical, chicken or duck.

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