Female Reproductive System

It consists of organs, namely

  1. Ovaries                            :           Reproductive glands

  2. Fallopian Tubes                 :           Coveys ova from ovary to uterus.

  3. Uterus                             :           In which fertilized ovum develops.

  4. Vagina                             :           dilatable passage from uterus to Vulva.

  5. Vulva                               :           Terminal segment of system             


Two in number laying in the abdominal cavity sizes are 0.5 to 1.5 Inch diameter and 0.5 to 1.5 inch width & thickness.

Dual purpose – production of eggs or ova and production of female hormone i.e. estrogen

Oviduct (Fallopian Tube):

Are slender, zigzag lubes attached to ligament 20-25 cm in length, close to ovaries in such a way that eggs / ova released by ovary area cached through funnel shape wide end called as “Infundibulum”.

The epithelial lining of oviduct is cliated of which ciliary motion helps to conduct ova from ovaries to uterus. The fertilization occurs in the ampullary region.


It consists of short medium body, pair of spirally twisted internally cavity connecting two horns known as body of uterus. The uterus has three layers i.e. outer servosa, middle muscular is & inner mucosa. In non-pregnancy period uterus lies in the pelvic cavity which descends into abdomen during pregnancy.

Fertilized ovus /embryo develop into uterus until the time of birth. To nourish the developing foetus through cotyledons of inner layer


It is thick walled portion which lies between uterus and vagina having muscle layers forming longitudinal folds forming spiral passage way through it. It is 4 inch long & 1 inch or more thick.

It is tightly closed during pregnancy and anoestrus period and refoxen during estsus and parturition.


It is between cervix to vulva in cow. It is 8-10 inch long. Highly elastic organ.

Responsible for secretion of mucus, serves as birth canal dung parturition & admits male organ during copulation.


It is external vertical opening of genital tract just below anus. Diameter is larger than that of vagina.

Vulva walls supplied with glands which are active during excitement,


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