Comparison of Livestock Economy Between Pakistan and India

Livestock Sector include Animal Husbandry, dairy and fisheries sector are considerable major sector. It plays an important role in the National Economy and in the Socioeconomic development of the Country. It also plays important role in the Rural Economy as supplementing family incomes and generating gainful employment in the rural sector, particularly among the landless laborers, small and marginal farmers and women’s.

Pakistan livestock sector:

Agriculture sector in national GDP is 21.0%, Livestock share in national GDP is 11.4%, Livestock sector contribute approximately 53.2%of the agriculture value added. 

Livestock Population in Pakistan: (2009-10)

Pakistan possesses some of the finest dairy breed like NiliRavi , kundi buffalo ,Red

Sindhi and Sahiwal cattle and more than 30 small ruminants breeds .Livestock population

include Buffalo 30.8 ( Million), Catlle 34.3 M Goat 59.9 M , Sheep 27.8 M , and poultry

610.0 M.

Livestock product and Production in Pakistan ( 2009_10)


Production (000 Tonnes)







Poultry Meat




Pakistan Positioning in World Market:

  • 47 % of world Meat Trade comprises of Beef product but our export is negligible in this segment.
  • Our presence in meat of sheep, Goat category that comprises 16% of the world Meat market is only 0.5%.
  • 97% of our Mutton exports are restricted to Middle East countries.
  • Share in total foreign exchange earning 95%.
  • 8% of total export derived from livestock and livestock product.
  • 25 ton’s Meat export to Malaysia ( recent Agreement)
  • Leather export USD 717Million (2009).

Role of Livestock sector in Pakistan:

Poultry is 2nd largest industry in Pakistan. This sector generates employment (direct/indirect) and income for about 1.5 million people. paksitan 5th largest  milk producing country in the world. Fisheries is a sub sector that play a significant role in the national economy and towards the food security of the country as it relax the existing pressure on mutton ,beef ,and poultry meat. Meat industry in Pakistan is largely in the unorganized sector , due to Slaughter house are less in number and improper condition of collection and storage room of meat .30-40% of income of more than 35 million rural population comes from to livestock production activities.

Indian Livestock Sector:

Total India GDP is $ 1.209 trillion. Agriculture share in total GDP is 17.2% (2008).and share of livestock in GDP is 4.40%.

Livestock Population in India :

Livestock population include cattle 185.2M, Buffalo 97M Sheep 61.5 M, Goat 124.4 M .(2003)

Livestock Product and Production in India (2008-9)




556.38 (M)


108.5 (M tonnes)


7608 (000 tonnes)


23 (M tonnes)

Wool %

45 (M tonnes)

Export of Indian in Livestock sector : (2008-9)

Sheep and goat meat

, 134.09 crore

Poultry production

401.08 crore

Processed Meat

1245 tonnes

Buffalo meat

3549.70 crore


8608 crore

Indian Achievement in livestock sector

  • Indian has attained first Rank in Milk Production in the world.
  • India is now world 5th largest Egg Production.
  • India is 8th Largest Producer of Broiler.
  • 9 Modern Abattoirs, 3600 Slaughter House, 171 Meat Processing Unit License.


Livestock industry makes up for a significant amount of world livestock resources Both the country economy as well as social economic growth of the country is backed by the livestock sector .the livestock sector is performing well in the manner of production, value addition and export of dairy ,fisheries ,wool, poultry, and other products. Apart from its performance there are some threats also exist .we need to re correct it and take the global market opportunities.

Key Reference : 

Farhan Ali


Faculty of veterinary Sciences Multan : BZU

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