Breeds and Types Of Sheep And Goats


Sheep also belong to the family Bovidae. Most of the present breeds of sheep in Pakistan have probably descended from the urial (Ovis vignei), the wild sheep of Balochistan, Afghanistan, and the Central Asian area, as well as from the argali (Ovis ammon), the Marco Polo sheep of China.

Several distinct breeds of sheep are found in Pakistan. Almost as many breeds are fat-tailed as are thin-tailed. Except for a few breeds, the sheep are mainly coarse-wool type. However, sheep are raised mainly for mutton, and wool production is only a secondary objective. Some breeds also serve as a source of milk to meet a small part of domestic needs. Fat obtained from fat-tailed breeds may be used for culinary purposes.

Main bases on which various breeds of sheep/goats are named:  There seem to be no hard and fast rules in this regard. Several of the breeds appear to have been named arbitrarily. However, the names of several other breeds appear to have some background for naming them so e.g. i) named after the area which forms partly/wholly their hometract such as Baltistani sheep (Baltistan district), Salt Range  sheep (Salt Range area) and Tharki (Thar desert), ii) named after certain colour marks on the body such as black circles around the eyes of Kajli sheep, some physical/phenotypic characters such as small stature of Teddy goats, very small ears of Buchi sheep/goats or some social factors as in the case of Jattan breed of goats, which derives its name from camel-raising tribe of Jats in Sindh.

Thin-tailed breeds of sheep found in Pakistan

Baltistani, Buchi, Cholistani, Damani, Kachhi, Kaghani, Kail, Kajli, Kali, Kari, Kooka, Lohi, Poonchi, Sipli, and Thalli.

Fat-tailed breeds of sheep found in Pakistan

Balkhi, Balochi, Bibrik, Dumbi, Gojal, Harnai, Hashtnagri, Kohai Ghizar, Michni, Pahari, Salt Range, Tirahi and Waziri.

Key Reference : Mr. Bakhat B. Khan

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