Artificial Insemination of Cattle

Artificial insemination of cattle is no doubt a development way for our country and nation as well as a modern activities. Artificial reproduction work should be done by experienced veterinary surgeon without any problem. Almost in all region Government appointed a veterinary surgeon for improvement of our livestock. Poor farmer and mass people get all of their solution about livestock from them. In addition, youth training centers operated by the Bangladesh Directorate of Youth Development also provide training in animal husbandry and its diseases or treatment. The government has an important role in artificial insemination.

Bull sperm used for artificial insemination techniques developed for use in healthy cows and the production of calf more than 200000 per year. In this sector Bangladesh Agriculture University has gained hundred percent success. If the technology used in a random all over the country then the Dairy industry will soon be able to reach our desired destination.
Generally, seed collected from bull using specified number of method putting them to cow is called artificial insemination. Seed collected from a bull can use for the reproduction of 60 to 80 cows. But in artificial insemination it can be used up to 5000 to 10000 cow. A bull can take part at about 700 to 900 delivery of calf. Through artificial reproduction infectious disease can be prevent and the cows are not hit by bull. Due to lack of seed collection, storage, transport or ignorance the fertility of cow can be damaged. If the artificial insemination are not managed efficiently then the provability of worse more than good. Related individual necessary lack of training, carelessness, bad diction are responsible for it. Nowadays due to lack of bull in village area artificial insemination is a must.
Artificial Insemination of Cattle

There are some good and bad aspect of artificial insemination. Pregnancy rate of artificial insemination is low than natural method ways, as well as it costs much. If seed of an infected bull used it make problem later. The impact fall on next generation. In addition many cow want to mate more than once. In an experiment it has seen that it takes 13 times in an average to a cow to be pregnant. Chemicals, dust, huge temperature can easily damage the seed. It can be damaged when it put in a pot mixed with chemicals. In many cases, when the seed fluid or reproductive organ is placed on the outside of the cow can not become pregnant. If the seeds are placed on before or after emissions reduces fertilization. So second seeds should put later 6 hours after first seeds putting. During putting seeds, if the cow affected by bacteria, the cow faces different types of problem. For example it faces bruselesis, viriosis, trichinosis and various hereditary diseases. So if any problem occurs advice from veterinary surgeon should taken. The government has an important role in to training, which will help the development of livestock. Whether the cow is pregnant, determining whether it is warm, fertile bull selection, determining the ability of cows pregnant, pregnant rate increase, to increase the production of milk, take regular care with veterinary surgeon and provide treatment by an experienced doctor. After all proper care should taken to be success in artificial insemination process.

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