Animal Nutrition

Which are the major livestock and poultry feeds available? 


Feeds for Livestock
Livestock feeds for dairy animal is commercially available in the market, however, feed plants are capable to produce other livestock feeds on demand. These feeds include:

a. Ruminants’ Feeds
i. Sheep and goat feed
ii. Fattening feed for small and large ruminants
iii. Bull feed
iv. Urea-molasses blocks
v. Early weaning diets

b. Poultry feeds
All types of poultry feeds are available in the market which includes:
i. Broiler crumbs & mash starter and finisher feed
ii.Layer crumbs & mash starter, grower and layer feed
iii.Broiler and layer breeder crumbs and mash starter, grower and layer feeds

What type of feed is recommended for livestock to increase milk and meat production? 

Ans: Supplementation with concentrated dairy and fattening feeds can increase milk and meat production in animals alongwith feeding of fodder and dry roughage. 

What should be the major ingredients of cattle/buffalo and poultry feeds? 


Ingredients for cattle/buffalo feed 

1. Cake: Cottonseed, Rapeseed, maize oil 

2. Cereal by-products: Rice polish, 

wheat bran, maize gluten feed 

3. Meals: cottonseed, rapeseed, canola, 


4. Grains: Corn, wheat, rice, barley, oats, 


5. Molasses 

6. Vitamin and mineral premix 

7. Di-calcium phosphate (DCP) and 

limestone/marble chips

Ingredients for poultry feeds

1. Grains: Corn, wheat, rice, barley, oats,


2. Cereal by-products: Rice polish, wheat

bran, maize gluten 30, 60%,

3. Meals: Cottonseed, canola, guar,



4. Animal meals/By-products: Fish meat

poultry products, blood, meat

5. Molasses

6. DCP, Mono-calcium phosphate (MCP),

bone bone ash

7. Vitamin, mineral, amino acid premix

What is the recommended diet for young calves?

Ans: Supplementation of Early Weaning Diets based on highly digestible ingredients is recommended diet for young calves. Whole milk should be fed upto 3 weeks and then gradually replaced by early weaning diets.

What are the major recommendations for efficient and effective use of animal feeds by farmers?


Recommendations for use of feed 1. Concentrate feed should be introduced gradually and offered @ 1 Kg feed for each 2.5litres of milk, along with free choice


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