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Yellow plants

  • Bright, bold and beautiful, yellow plants inject a good dose of sunshine into your garden and can do wonders to improve your mood. You should always have at least one plant that explodes with yellow shades in your garden, such as the Canna ‘Yellow King Humbert’ or a spiky yellow Bromeliad.

    When it comes to yellow plants, you can never have enough and with shades ranging from pale vanilla to dazzling amber, you’ll always be able to find a colour that suits your home or garden perfectly.

    Yellow plants by botanical name and common name:

    anigozanthos, kangaroo paw
    anthurium, painter’s palette, flamingo flower
    begonia, painted leaf
    capsicum, ornamental pepper
    codiaeum, Joseph’s coat, croton
    cymbidium, cymbidium orchid
    euphorbia milii, crown of thorns
    euphorbia pulcherrima, poinsettia
    gerbera, barberton daisy, transvaal daisy
    guzmania (bromeliad family)
    hibiscus, china rose
    ixora, flame of the woods
    kalanchoë blossfeldiana, flaming Katy
    lilium, lily
    narcissus, tazetta, soleil d’or, paperwhite
    oncidium, dancing orchid
    phalaenopsis, moth orchid
    primula veris, primrose
    ranunculus, turban buttercup
    vriesea splendens, flaming sword
    zantedeschia, calla lily, arum

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