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    Red is a colour that ignites our senses and inflames passions, and its common names often reflect this. Plants such names such as ‘Scarlet Star’, ‘Winter Cherry’ and ‘Bohemian Garnet’ are intriguing, romantic and invoke thoughts of love and affection.

    Red plants can vary from pale, almost pink varieties to intense rich red shades and there are a number of species that you can grow in your garden or keep as houseplants. Just keep in mind that red berries are often coloured that way as a warning, so check to make sure your plant is safe before bringing in into your home.

    Here below a list of red plants by botanical name and common name:

    anigozanthos, kangaroo paw
    anthurium, painter’s palette, flamingo flower
    begonia, painted leaf
    capsicum,  ornamental pepper
    codiaeum, Joseph’s coat, croton
    cordyline, mountain cabbage tree
    cryptanthus, earth star
    cyclamen,  sowbread
    cymbidium, cymbidium orchid
    dionaea, venus fly trap
    euphorbia milii, crown of thorns
    euphorbia pulcherrima, poinsettia
    fittonia, snakeskin plant
    gerbera, barberton daisy, transvaal daisy
    gloriosa, flame lily
    guzmania lingulata, scarlet star
    hibiscus, china rose
    hippeastrum, amaryllis
    hypoestes, polkadot plant
    impatiens, busy Lizzie
    ixora, flame of the woods
    kalanchoë blossfeldiana, flaming Katy
    lilium, lily
    neoregelia, crimson cup
    primula veris, primrose
    ranunculus, turban buttercup
    rhipsalidopsis, Easter cactus
    rhododendron simsii, azalea
    sarracenia, pitcher plant
    schlumbergera, Christmas cactus
    sinningia, gloxinia
    solanum capsicastrum, winter cherry
    vriesea splendens, flaming sword

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