Preservation of Fruits and Vegetables by Fermentation

Microorganisms and enzymes are used for the decomposition of carbohydrates and the process is termed as “Fermentation”

a) Alcoholic Fermentation:

The keeping quality of alcoholic beverage directly depends upon the alcohol present. Yeasts play an important role in this type of fermentation.

C6H12O6 + Yeast ——-à 2C2H5OH + CO2
  (Dextrose)                                        (Alcohol)

b) Acetic Fermentation:

This type of fermentation follows alcoholic fermentation and is completed by vinegar bacteria and Acetic Acid is produced which acts as a preservatives for various products such as pickles, sauce, etc.

C2H5OH + O2    ———-à CH3COOH    + H2O
(Alcohol)  (Oxygen)                         (Acetic Acid)

c) Lactic Fermentation:

In this process dextrose sugars are decomposed into lactic acid and preserve the pickles after fermentation.

C6H12O6      ————–à   2C3H6O3
(Dextrose)                                          (Lactic Acid)

Source: agriinfo

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