Planning of an Orchard

Careful plan of orchard is necessary for

a) Most economic and efficient management.

b) Economic layout and location of roads, drains, irrigation channels, path, hedge, and wind breaks.

While preparing plan of big orchard the orchard the knowledge following points is highly essential.

1. Optimum spacing to give maximum number of trees per ha.

2. Building should be at center or at high level for proper supervision.

3. Don’t mix large trees in small trees.

4. Plant the fruit plants according to their soil requirements.

5. Irrigated trees should be near the source of water.

6. Evergreen trees should be from and deciduous should be behind.

7. Big trees should big and small growing should be in front.

8. Fruit attacking by bigard and animal should be close to the watmans shed.

9. Pollinator should be provided to self incompatible fruit trees e.g. ber, mango, etc.

10. Those crops require spacing should be grouped in one blocks.

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Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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