Pink plants

Datei:Begonia x tuberhybrida 1005Pink1.JPGOne of the most delightful plant colours, pink is the colour for affection, young love and everything sweet and lovely. Pink plants in your garden will put a smile on your face every time they bloom, like the gorgeous Gaura lindheimeri that flowers with little pale pink petals in the summer.

And for the keen gardener, there is the stunning Ornamental Cabbage, which is actually a type of kale that grows in a variety of pink shades, from pale salmon pink to magenta and cerise.

Here below a list of pink plants by botanical name and common name:

aechmea,  urn plant (bromeliad family)
anigozanthos, kangaroo paw
anthurium, painter’s palette, flamingo flower
begonia, painted leaf
cineraria, dusty miller
cyclamen, sowbread
cymbidium, cymbidium orchid
dianthus, pink
euphorbia pulcherrima, poinsettia
fittonia, snakeskin plant
fuchsia,  lady’s eardrops
gerbera, barberton daisy, transvaal daisy
hibiscus, china rose
hippeastrum, amaryllis
hyacinthus, hyacinth
hypoestes, polkadot plant
impatiens, busy Lizzie
jasminum, jasmine
kalanchoë blossfeldiana, flaming Katy
lilium, lily
medinilla magnifica, rose grape
pelargonium, geranium
phalaenopsis, moth orchid
primula veris, primrose
primula, polyanthus
ranunculus, turban buttercup
rhododendron simsii, azalea
saintpaulia, African violet
sedum, stonecrop
schlumbergera, Christmas cactus
sinningia, gloxinia
streptocarpus, Cape primrose
tradescantia, wandering jew
zantedeschia, calla lily, arum

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