Pests and Diseases of Ginger

Pests of Ginger: 

1) Shoot Borer: It prepares holes in the pseudo stem. Grass is thrown out of the holes and central shoot becomes yellow and withers. 
Control: Spray 0.1% malathion at monthly interval from July to August.

2. Rhizome Flies: The maggots bore into rhizome and feed on it. 
Control: Spray 0.05% methly parathion, 2 – 3 times from July onwards.

3. Leaf Roller: The caterpillar feeds from within the leaf by folding it. 
Control: Spray 0.05 % dimethoate. 

4. Scales: They suck sap from rhizomes and cause them to shrive! and dry up. 
Control: Dip the rhizomes in 0.05 % dimethoate at planting. 

Diseases of Ginger:

1. Soft -Rot: It is- the most – destructive- -disease causing total loss of affected clumps. Light yellowing of tips of lower leaves spreads downwards to leaf blades. It spreads to all leaves of plant and is followed by drooping, withering and drying. Rotting spreads to rhizomes from collar region of stem. Disease spreads from seed, rhizomes and soil.

a) Provide proper drainage. 
b) Select disease-free rhizomes for sowing. 
c) Treat seed rhizomes with 03 % Dithane M -45 for 30 minutes before storage and before planting. 
d) Drench the beds with same fungicide or Captafol @ 0.1 %. 

2) Leaf Spot: Small oval or elongated spots with white centre and dark brown margin develop on leaves. 
Control: Spray 1 % Bordeaux mixture.

3) Bacterial Wilt: Mild, dropping and curling of leaf margin of lower leaves is seen which spreads upwards. Plants wilt with pseudo stem showing dark streaks. 
Control: Spray streptocycline @ 200 ppm.

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