Pakistan: Punjab officials warn of pomegranate pests

Agriculture experts have advised the owners of pomegranate orchards to save their crop from fruit fly attack during rainy season.

In a press release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department on Thursday, experts said that farmers should complete harvesting in time and take all precautionary and curative measures to keep the fruit safe from pest attack.

The release said that fruit fly was the worst kind of pest due to the damage caused to the fruit by the female fly piercing it to lay her eggs. The inside of the fruit is then eaten by the pupae.

Farmers are advised to utilize traps, for example, pesticides-laced lanterns that attract the pests.

White fly are also a potential problem as they damage the plant’s ability to photosynthesise.

Pomegranate butterfly also pierces into the fruit and eat it from inside besides inviting fungus and bacterial attack. The fruit affected by pomegranate butterfly must be buried to kill the pests.

Growers should apply suitable spray in consultation with agriculture officials after noticing pest attack, the statement added.


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