Olive: Standardization of Propagation Techniques


 OliveOlive (Olea europea)is a good source of high quality edible oil which contains ployphenols, vitamin E and other natural antioxidants. Though cultivated species of olive are rare in occurrence, wild olives are common in northern areas of Pakistan, indicating that cultivated species can be grown successfully. Some promising oil and table cultivars have been identified by Fruit Crops Programme at NARC from exotic germplasm introduced from Turkey and Italy. To extend olive plantation in Pakistan, research was carried out on multiplication of selected varieties.


Technology Development, Demonstration and Recommendation

Olive propagation through seed is not desirable method for multiplication due to segregation. Seedlings require larger time to come into bearing. Therefore, research on various propagation techniques was started at NARC. Olive is hard to root under ordinary conditions but can be propagated successfully through cuttings under mist.


Top working techniques were standardized. The best results (80-90%) were achieved from August to September with T-Grafting technique. On the basis of NARC research findings techniques are being adapted by farmers in the provinces of Punjab, NWFP and Balochistan, About 1.37 millions wild olive plants have been converted into improved varieties.


The Technology

Plant cutting of 10-15 cm length of last year growth treated with 4000 ppm IBA and planted in sand culture under mist at 22-28oC with relative humidity 80-90% give more than 60-70% rooting success during 2nd week of February. Conversion of wild olive trees into productive commercial cultivars by suitable methods of top-working have great impact on economy of olive growing areas of Pakistan.


Key Reference

 Mukhtar, A., H. U. Rahman, I. Ahmed, K. M. Khokhar, and M. B. Raja. (2001). Standardization of top-working techniques for wild olive trees. Sarhad Journal of  Agriculrure. 17(1) 47-48.

Reference http://www.parc.gov.pk


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