An area where plants are raised for eventual planting out is said to be nursery. It comprises of nursery beds, paths, irrigation channels, etc. 40% of seedlings were died (mortality – 40%) due to wrong size (generally small) or poor health of the seedlings at the time of planting found in the survey by Community Forestry Development Project in 1982/83. So, there will be waste of time and money if there is not a good nursery established considering critically. Sound nursery practice is the foundation of a successful plantation scheme.


  • Some species are not annual good seed bearer, but need to be planted annually. To meet the need of seedlings of such species, nursery is important.
  • Slow growing species need a nursery to be planting out to avoid competition
  • Roadside and urban plantation always need a nursery for their plantation
  • The best method of introduction of exotics is only by nursery
  • Planting of nursery-grown plants is the surest method of artificially regenerating poor and barren sites.
  • Casualty replacement is only possible by the plants grown in the nursery.





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