Nursery tools and equipments





Houses: soil shed, labor shed, office and store

Fencing materials: Barbed wire, mesh wire, Wooden or R.C.C. poles, “U” nails, Hammer, Wire pooler, strainer or cable puller or iron rod hook, Coaster, Enamel paints, Plain nails

For surveying

  • Prismatic compass, plain table with accessories Abneys’ level , measuring tape, Ranging rod, Arrows etc.

For bed preparation

  • Spades, (small & large), pick axes, Wooden hammer, Ropes, cotton or steel tape, Wooden pegs, Shovels’, Khurpa, sickle, axes, Wooden planks, bricks, stones, bamboo’s splinters , etc.

For House

  • Thatch, weeds, leaves, thakal, bamboo, polythene sheet, wood

Tubes/tin sheets for irrigating or flooding nursery beds whenever required, which may be made from bamboo, tin, tiles or paper.

  • Iron or wooden shade frame, Water cans, polythene pipe, sprinkler, tube well, or irrigation, Sprayers Polythene bag or tubes
  • G.I. net for sieving sand and soil, Wooden seed box or metal or plastic seed tray
  • Thick poly bags, canes, container or glass jar for storing seed.
  • Small metal sieves and Nanglo – for sieving and winnowing of seeds.
  • Cutting pliers, sharp knife, bill hook – for branch and root shoot cutting
  • B.H.C. powder, potash, metacine, malathene and other insecticides, fungicides and pesticides.
  • Forest topsoil, coarse and fine sand, compost, chemical fertilizers, small crushed or round gravel.
  • Wheel byre, basket etc.
  • Atomizer for irrigating minute/small seeded nursery. This is kind of pump to supply moisture in the seedbeds. It is also used for spraying herbicide or insecticide.

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