Maturity Signs and Harvesting of Banana

Maturity Signs of Banana:

1. The dwarf bananas are ready for harvest within 11 to 14 months after planting while tall varieties take about 14 to 16 months to harvest. 
2. Fruits usually mature in 120 to 140 days after flowering. 
3. The fruit bunch is harvested when the ridges on their surface changes from angular to round. 
4. The dried parts of flowers at the top of fruit drop off easily. 
5. The top most leaf starts drying as the bunch matures. 
6. Colour of fruits or fingers changes from dark green to pale green.

Harvesting of Banana:

1. The trunk is lopped with a sickle or hatchet over half-way through the stem.
2. The bunch will not fall to the ground but hang on, and injury is avoided. The bunch is held and its penduncle is served.
3. About 30 cm of the stalk must be left to make handling easy.

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