Mango Certified Nurseries


Mango Certified Nurseries….. Unfortunately there is not any single of it in Pakistan……

I suggest a certified nursery project needs to be built around the certification system that ensures plants are free from specific disease and pests and the variety and rootstock are true to the name specified on the label. 
The project should establish processes for importing and maintaining disease free material in to the nursery, and a method of monitoring the disease status of the trees in the nursery. 
In your given areas for investment I have the following comments: 
1 – there are many polyembryonic varieties already existing in Pakistan that could be trailed for rootstocks. It is more important for a certified nursery to have parent trees growing in a clean situation so seed can be accessed locally. When using imported seed for routing generation of rootstocks it is difficult to guarantee the variety or their disease status. 
2 – Some potting mixes have been tested but results so far are not encouraging. You should try these formulas to standardized it before importing mix

By Hadi Leghari

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
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