The plants that can survive and thrive best in the interior environment called indoor plants along with a fashion. It is need of time to use these green lungs to exhale the oxygen and inhale carbon dioxide. In this age most of the commodities used by the people like building materials, glues, fabrics, carpets, cleaning materials, personal care products often expose us to a wide spectrum of chemicals in the air, we breathe.

In door air and indoor environment is too much effective for healthy livings because a modern man spend 80-90 % of his time indoors (homes, offices). The importance of air can be judged by this comparison that we may drink 2 liters of liquid every day bur we breathe in a proximately 6-10 liters of air every minute, around 15000 liters air per day. So, the quality of indoor air is major health consideration.

According to a research in Norwegian offices, it was found that indoor plants reduced different ailments, fatigue ratio was reduced 20 %, headache 30 %, dry throats 30%, cough 40 %, and dry facial skin 25 %. Though indoor plants have major effects on human health but mostly they are used for beautification of homes. It is often repeated plants are symbol of love and friendship but why people do not use them frequently? Why people prefer plastic evergreens on indoor green plants? The only reason is proper car and maintenance, people have no time to stay and stare. It takes hardly 5-10 minutes to water 10-15 plants, and we have not enough time to spare for sake of clean air and environment inside our premises. Here are the some beautiful indoors that need least care. One can easily mange them in houses and offices.

1.Fichus species:

It includes ficus elastica often called “Rubber plant”. Ficus benjmina, nursery men say it “Kali Ficus”. Amestal King and Queen are also nice Ficus species for interior plant scaping.


These are also hardy indoors need less care and management (some people call it “Makai Patta”green drisinas are considered as best indoors.

3. Palms

Palms are beautiful choice for indoor plants, it include, cane palm, eureaka palm, washingtonia palm,golden palm, as best indoor plants.

4. Aerocaria

These are also liked by many persons but need comparitivly high light .these are fit to place in corridors .there light intensity is appropriate .

5. Diffenbachia

These are also good option for indoor plants but need more care, because they are water sensitive, (potting media should be dry during two irrigations)

6. Sansovaria

These are also very hard indoors need almost no care, they can live long, comparatively to any other indoor plants

7. Money plant

These are most common indoor plant used inside offices and house, under controlled environment they behave as lush green, shiny leaves. Also preset in different stripped leaves.

Many outdoor plants can be made indoor pants but it need time and patience, we have to introduce them slowly, slowly to indoor environment, Syngonium, Shaflera, Yukas, Ferns are also good options for indoor plants.

Muhammad Ramzan Rafique
Muhammad Ramzan Rafique

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