Importance of Fruit as Food

Importance of fruits in human diet is well recognized.  Man cannot live on cereals. Fruit and vegetables are essential for balance diet and good health. Nutrionist advocate 60- 85 gm of fruits and 360 g vegetable per capita per day in addition to cereals, pulse, egg etc. Fruits and vegetable are good source of vitamins and minerals without which human body cannot maintain proper health and develop resistance to disease. They also contain pectin, cellulose which stimulates intestinical activities and energy giving substances like oils, fats, and proteins. Many fruits have medical purpose.

A. As a Source of Vitamins:

1. Vitamin A:

It is a fat soluble and essential for growth and reproduction deficiency cause cessation of growth, night blindness, drying of tea glansa, roughness and crouton of skin in children formation o stones in kidney and bladder and pimping. Carotene which is a precurescer of vitamin A is found in different fruits e.g.  Mango, papaya, fruit, dates, banana.

2. Vitamin B:

Deficiency causes berry berry disease, loss of appetite, loss in weight, fall in body temperature, sore throat etc. It is found in fruit like cashew nut, almond, banana, apple, bale, litchi, papaya and pomegranate.

3. Vitamin C:

It is water soluble and essential for general good health. Deficiency cause unhealthy gums, tooth decay, bleeding of gums, swelling of limbs, scurvy disease delay in wound healing, enlargement of heart and damage to   heart muscles. It is available in fruits like anola, guava, citrus fruits, ber, strawberry, pineapple, etc.

B. As a Source of Minerals:

At least 10 different mineral elements are required for proper growth and development of human body. Out of these, ca, fe, and phosphorus are required on large scale ca is badly lacking in Indian diet.

1. Calcium:

 Needed for development of bones, absence causes rickets, pigeon chest, and retarded growth.

2. Iron:

It is an essential of BBC and best known O2 carrier.

3. Phosphorus:

Required for cell multiplication and oxidation of CHO, liberating energy.


Almond, cashew nut, guava, jamun, fig, kronda, mango.

C: As Source of Energy:

Carbohydrate and fats provide energy, while proteins besides providing energy are also responsible for building body tissues. Most of the fruits are good source of CHO.
Sources: Banana (36 %), grapes (20%), custard apple (25%), apples, ber, cashewn4t, to meet the annual calorific requirements one would need to be cultivate cashew. To meet or 0.50 acres of image or 0.09 acres of banana.

D: Fruits have Medicinal Value:

The fruit like Anola, pomegranate, kokum, jamun, bihada etc. have great medicinal value.

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